Thursday, 29 August 2013


Pardon me for being a little self indulgent, but I feel like celebrating today!
 photo BdayKaraoke3_zps4f784e5f.jpg
(Thanks for the pic Kar!)
This past weekend I did some karaoke with my girlfriends and it was wonderful.  Tonight, Darryl and I are going to O Noir, have you been there?  It's a restaurant where you dine in pitch black - should be interesting!  It should heighten all our other senses and it also aims to give diners a better understanding of what it is to be blind, "a project aimed at teaching the sighted about the sightless world and providing jobs for blind people" as all wait staff are blind.  If you're curious, check out their website.
Then to really ring in the birthday as it's a bit of a big one for me, my mum and I are going sky diving next weekend!  AH! 
And then to keep the birthday festivities going (this actually isn't birthday related, but in my mind it's for my birthday and keeps me in the celebrating mood for another month lol) my mum, sister, all our aunts and some cousins are going to Korean Karaoke as well in a few weeks.  We did this 2 years ago and didn't get around to it last year.  It is the best time with all of these ladies so I'm really looking forward to it.
And now I'm off to enjoy my day!  I'll be meeting up with my mum, sister and niece shortly for some thai food for lunch.  Don't you just love your birthday - doesn't it feel like it couldn't be any other day, like this one specific date is the only date it could have ever been for you?

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

There's No Turning Back Now

Family and friends!  It's been over half of a year since I've posted anything, for no good reason other than I've had nothing to post about.  But as of last Thursday the beginning of July (I even procrastinated publishing this post for nearly 2 months!), we have officially started our next renovation and finally have something to post about.  Since you aren't all nearby to see each stage, you can follow along right here if you like!

If you remember our updated goals for this year, we're finally getting around to #1 on our list - the upstairs bathroom!  In that post I listed the many, many, mannnnny reasons that this room needed to be redone so I won't revisit that now.  I'll just show you a few pictures to jog the memory and knowledge that

 photo DSC04631_zpsbf7af220.jpg
 photo DSC04643_zpsd888815e.jpg

 photo DSC04634_zps141da348.jpg

So last Thursday in the first week of July we got to demo (thanks to Darryl's Dad who devoted a few hours of his day to getting us off on the right foot!), and demo continued for another three days.  Who'd have thought that one tiny little room would take more than the 1 day timeline we had originally projected??  Ha!  Out of curiousity I just had a scroll through some of my first posts from when we demoed our entire main floor and saw that we hadn't entirely remembered the lesson we had learned the first time around: when you're DIYing, things always take longer than expected.

 photo DSC04635_zpsa0802817.jpg
 photo DSC04639_zps52d17f68.jpg

So Thursday (July 4th) morning I had my last shower in that bathroom.  It was my last bonding session and farewell to that poor little guy (and my last chance at a half-decent shower).  That evening, there was no more bathroom up there...

I'll share the demo pics with you very shortly - and if I can stand it, I may even show you where we've been showering for the last 2 months *shudder*.

Have you done any demo recently?  Knocking anything off of your to-do list?