Friday, 8 June 2012

Bouquet Inspiration

On to the flower portion of the wedding planning.  Last night I met with a florist to get an idea of bridesmaids bouquets.  There are so many pretty inspriation pictures on Pinterest that I'd printed off to show her so she could tell me what will be in season, what will wilt easily and what won't...all that good stuff. 

Pinned Image

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I love the crespedia (the little round ones), but heard they are hard to come by and fall apart easily.  Luckily there's a good altermative in these mini mums (I forget their proper name) but they have the same feel and I enjoy them so we'll have a few of those in there.

this picture doesn't want to center itself, but it's from here

I also L-O-V-E the look of the succulents tucked in the second bouquet from the top but can't imagine how they'd stay in there.  Maybe these are just magazine shots and not practical, actually used, bouquets?  But Darryl's mom used to work in a flower shop back in the day and she suggested using eucalyptus!  She found a generic grocery store bouquet (which, to be honest with you, I loved the look of on it's own anyways...can't I just buy those as our bouquets???  lol) that had some in it and I really like it... 


This is only a fraction of the bouquet, as I divided it between a couple vases, but the general tone/colours I love.  Nice and bright and sunshiny.  But see the sprig of eucalyptus in there?  I think it looks great and just may use that as an alternative to the succulents.  It has the same tones/colour and gives the bouquet that wilder, more scooped-up-from-the-fields look than a perfectly manicured bouquet.  And actually, the wall colour is looking quite similar to what the girls' dresses will be and I think it's a pretty backdrop  :)

And I haven't decided if I want to buy the boutonnieres or if I want to attempt to make some non-floral one, similar to these...

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...or maybe throw in a teeeeeeeny tiny little brooch bling in Darryl's to go with my bouquet? Or maybe it will be less stressful to just have them made??  Decisions decisions...

Anyhoo, I hope you all enjoy your weekend!  I'm looking forward to a quieter, slower paced, drier weekend than the one we had last weekend!

Any fun bouquets/boutonnieres you've seen on pinterest or anywhere else lately?  How about plans for the weekend?

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Saying Thank You

I was on the hunt a few weeks ago for some thank you cards for the brooch shower my sister hosted,  After not too long I happened upon these pretty little guys at Chapters which just happened to be in our colours.  Love when things work out like that!


So pretty!  I love me some nice stationery.

And since we're on the topic, the next piece of stationery we're dealing with are our invitations.  We decided to print them ourselves...but we can't get past the road block of having the cardstock feed through the printer!  It keeps saying there is no paper when there is.  I have a feeling it's because the top and bottom of the invites are not squared off, they are rounded so it's not registering that there's paper in there?  Anyways, it's our mission to get that figured out this week so that we can send them out in the next week or two!

Did you print your own invites for a wedding/event?  Was it easy peasy or would you not recommend it to anyone?  What are we in for...!

Monday, 4 June 2012

Wet N' Wild

I don't know where in the world you're located, but for anyone in the Toronto region, was that not the wildest weekend weather ever!?  Especially on Friday!  At the end of our street an old, old tree came down from all that wind and took out the corner of some crack house's someone's roof and was pulling down the power cables, it was all very dramatic with the police and fire blocking off the street for hours. 

But I didn't have time to snoop as I was off to participate in the Relay For Life cancer fundraiser.  An overnight walk from 7pm until 7am.  Yes, over night in that insane weather.  Luckily all overnight activities got cancelled because tents were being ripped apart and coming down, we were soaked to the bone and it was WINDY!  We managed a couple of laps before we left at least, and the main thing is that our team reached it's goal of raising $5000! 

On Saturday we helped Darryl's (brand-newly engaged!) sister move into her very first house - exciting!!  Sadly I don't have any pictures of that...I'm going to say that's because I was so busy being a big help  ;)

Then Sunday Darryl and I had our first Dragonboat Regatta to attend!  I thought it was very exciting and a wonderful way to spend the day...


We raced in 4 races throughout the day, two 500m and two 200m races.  Our first 500m we got third in our heat and in the B division and were EXHAUSTED!!  Five weeks of training (which really equalled only 4 classes as one was cancelled due to the weather) can not prepare you for the stamina you'll need to do one of those...nevermind the other 3 we still had to do!  ha! 


Our first 200m wasn't that great, and the second 500m was atrocious as we were all pooped...but the last 200m of the day we gave it our all and came in second in our division!  woot!  We got poured on with the rain that came during our last race, but luckily it was time to head home after that and warm up. 


PS. You'd think they'd at least give out participation ribbons.  But since we got a silver and a bronze, here we are with the trophy...

...that we wished we'd won

Our bronza and silver sound better than they actually are...There's the A division which is the best of the best (about 6 teams), then the A Consolation division which is next best (another 6 teams) and then our B division...but considering it goes all the way down to the D Consolation division, we're pretty happy with being in the top half anyways!

My wrists are throbbing from all that oar action as I type this so I'm going to leave it at that!

How was your weekend?  Did you experience any crazy weather too...were you able to keep out of it, or did you get drenched as well?