Thursday, 21 November 2013

Framing and Insulation

Well things are still slow going over here.  Scratch that.  Things are no-going.  But that's ok, we hope to get back on track in about a month or so once Darryl's done his semester at school and I have some time off from work.  In the mean time, there was a little bit more that we got done this summer before school started up again.
 photo DSC04687_zpsa7329485.jpg
Darryl put some foam baffles in the attic for ventilation to channel cold and hot air to the roof vents before putting the insulation in.
 photo DSC04699_zpsf33e2da3.jpg
 You can also see the fan partly installed under Darryl too, which is fantastic and should prevent any mould from forming like it did before.
 photo DSC04698_zps61f2dc6f.jpg
This was one of those things we didn't take into consideration and ended up pushing back the more exciting things I was hoping to get done, like drywall and tiling and installing fixtures.  But it's obviously something that is needed and will help us in the long run.
 photo DSC04697_zps4ea96f29.jpg
Then Darryl got some framing up - that was an exciting visual change for me!

 photo DSC04715_zps3e778b12.jpg
And this is the view from in the bedroom, looking into the washroom.
 photo DSC04716_zpse960cb74.jpg
Then came some insulation.  Another big visual change that excited me - another step closer to making it look more like a livable room again!
 photo DSC04717_zps184de72b.jpg
Hopefully these rooms will be a bit toastier in the winter and cooler in the summer months now, and our energy bills will be a teeny bit lighter.
 photo DSC04718_zpsaccbb2a0.jpg
Not the most exciting or visually stimulating post, but definitely exciting for me as the rooms start to look a little less like construction zones!
We did get just a teeny bit more done in August before school started up, so I'll share those pictures as well.  And dream of getting back to the hard work and progress in a few weeks.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Why Our Demo Timeline was Tripled...

When we originally embarked on our newest reno, we thought we'd be done demo in a day, easily.  Well it quickly progressed into 3 days.  Not for no good reason though.
The door on the left leads to the bathroom, and the room you can see into is the back bedroom...
 photo DSC04663_zps5e816f45.jpg
And then this happened to that room...
  photo DSC04689_zps1086523b.jpg
Mhmm, when they say that renos tend to snowball quickly, this is what they mean.  We knew we wanted to take about a foot of space from that bedroom to make the bathroom just a bit more spacious, but once one wall came down, the others weren't too far behind.  We didn't start out with the intention of demoing the whole room, just the wall that backed onto the bathroom, but once we got started we figured it was a good opportunity to better insulate at least one room upstairs.  
 photo DSC04667_zps4d22c5fc.jpg
Just like we found during our main floor reno, there was zero insulation up here either.  It gets pretty hot up on that floor in the summer with no AC, and no insulation.  So we figured the extra hard work now, would pay off in the long run.
  photo DSC04686_zpscfdf4728.jpg
This looks all too familiar.  Funny how it's been a few years since our main floor looked like this, and yet once you get into the demo again, it feels like you haven't had a day off.
If you were to stand in that bedroom and face out you'd see the hall, and that wall that attaches to the bathroom. 
 photo DSC04669_zps5f79ff45.jpg
And now it looks like this...
 photo DSC04694_zps50f2554a.jpg
Wide open spaces (anyone else singing with me on that?)
So where are we now?  Well, we're at least a little further along than that picture which I'll share next week but, truth be told, it's busy times over here...Darryl's back to school and has acquired a part time job which takes up most of his weekends, he's also in the thick of midterms so, needless to say, there are bigger priorities right now than finishing our only 3 piece bathroom in our house (now that's a statement!).  But getting good grades is the most important thing for now, then we can refocus our energies back on construction.
Anyone else out there have a big project on hold??

Monday, 14 October 2013

Bathroom Demo

This post isn't pretty so I'll keep it simple.  Demo started with the fixtures coming out...
 photo DSC04670_zps65ff64d8.jpg

We are keeping the toilet because we upgraded it to an eco friendly one when we re-did our main floor (full disclosure: the seat lid got ruined during demo so that part will have to be replaced)

We are keeping the tub on hand because we can't bear to part with it and have hopes to one day incorporate it into our "forever home".  I would love to have a shower and this tub just for bathing.  But as far as having it as your only method of shower, it was not practical or enjoyable for us.  It was like suffocating in shower curtains that stuck to you like magnets, no where to put your soaps and shampoos (yes we had a rack that straddled the tub but that didn't stop things from always falling off).  The main reason though, was that this baby's enamel had worn off.  To give you an idea, here is a picture of it immediately after a thoroughly aggressive scrub-down:

 photo DSC04651_zps7a0d3290.jpg

The sides are fine, but take a closer look at the bottom...

 photo DSC04658_zps83431081.jpg

Ladies, how does one leave a shower (nevermind a bath!) feeling truly clean in that!? (mhmm, I showered in flipflops).  Yes, it could be refinished, that's why we're holding on to it for now, but it was a budget breaker for us at this point.  So it was removed...

 photo DSC04680_zpsbc4360fd.jpg

Just cause I was curious...Made in Toronto

 photo DSC04675_zps547579a5.jpg

You know how they say things get worse before they get better?  This was what was behind the tub...

 photo DSC04682_zps8aa4a36a.jpg

Pa-ukkkkkkke!  Pretty sure that is some mould  :S

 photo DSC04684_zpsbd15a424.jpg

While we're on the topic of grossness, when we took the tub out, we found this...

 photo DSC04673_zps6ff5cba5.jpg

That, my friends, is a Christmas glass half filled with cigarette butts.  Like whhhaaaat!?  WHO was smoking in the bathroom and hoarding their old butts under the tub???  The people who lived here before us continue to amaze.

And since I'm past the point of shame now.  This is nast, but at least somewhat expected.

 photo DSC04677_zps09f0d6e8.jpg

Once that was all taken care of, I taped everything off...a feeble attempt at keeping the dust contained.

 photo DSC04690_zps1b02f47f.jpg
Covering the demo process could easily take up a few posts, but I think that could get boring pretty fast so I'll give you the Coles Notes instead.
The floor came up...

 photo DSC04691_zps860b1b7d.jpg

The walls came down...

 photo DSC04688_zpsd74c3378.jpg

The plumbing was exposed...

 photo DSC04692_zpsb6c74716.jpg

Et Voila...  a demoed bathroom!

 photo DSC04694_zps50f2554a.jpg
If only the process had been as quick as that  ;)

Here's to things going from worse to better!

In a couple of days I'll show you why our projected one-day-demo plan turned into 3 days.

Monday, 23 September 2013


Here's the last little bunch of wedding pictures.  I've shown you the pre-ceremony and ceremony pictures, and these ones today are the "formals".  We got some pictures of my grandparents who looked fabulous!
 photo IMG_0631_zps67441974.jpg
Such a good looking couple!
Then, something I wanted was a generation picture of my nana's, my mum's and now my, wedding rings...
 photo IMG_0642_zpse0062d33.jpg
We took a few pictures of the wedding party who clean up quite nicely!
 photo IMG_0801_zps3934feef.jpg
 photo IMG_0806_zpse6cb17da.jpg
 photo IMG_0814_zps58f4ff13.jpg
 photo IMG_0822_zpsee9d0164.jpg
We thought it would be fun to have a picture of the girls lifting Darryl...
 photo IMG_0835_zpsfd72650a.jpg
Nailed it!
There is an entire series of pictures of the whole process of them dropping him which makes us all laugh, but eventually they got it...
 photo IMG_0845_zpsef6585c0.jpg
 photo IMG_0906_zps212a603e.jpg
Darryl killing some time...
 photo DarrylChair_zpsa0467185.jpg
Darryl couldn't be the only one having fun, so I hopped up for a fun pic too.
 photo IMG_1006_zps53f0eed7.jpg
Luckily I was not dropped!
 photo Bridal_zps242a95c7.jpg
 photo IMG_1045_zpsd85ed26e.jpg
Some detail...
 photo IMG_1067_zpsdf2af9f5.jpg
My hair...
 photo IMG_1072_zps3308645c.jpg

 photo Simpsons_zps14b70416.jpg
 photo Bouquet_zpsc2085f17.jpg
 photo IMG_1317_zps19f4caff.jpg
 photo Bridal1_zps098057dd.jpg
Nearing the end of the picture taking stuff, we were both starting to feel a little delirious, in need of food, water, and a chance for our cheek muscles to relax...
 photo IMG_1299_zps7e7fd372.jpg
 photo IMG_1301_zps98342989.jpg
 photo IMG_1303_zps25444084.jpg
 photo IMG_1305_zps72423e13.jpg
 photo IMG_1364_zps544a6bf0.jpg
So there we go!  That's a little peek into how our big day was, one year ago.  It was the most special day I've experienced in my life so far and I love looking back and reliving it through these pictures. 

Again, thanks so much to my cousin, Shelagh, for taking our pictures!