Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Why Our Demo Timeline was Tripled...

When we originally embarked on our newest reno, we thought we'd be done demo in a day, easily.  Well it quickly progressed into 3 days.  Not for no good reason though.
The door on the left leads to the bathroom, and the room you can see into is the back bedroom...
 photo DSC04663_zps5e816f45.jpg
And then this happened to that room...
  photo DSC04689_zps1086523b.jpg
Mhmm, when they say that renos tend to snowball quickly, this is what they mean.  We knew we wanted to take about a foot of space from that bedroom to make the bathroom just a bit more spacious, but once one wall came down, the others weren't too far behind.  We didn't start out with the intention of demoing the whole room, just the wall that backed onto the bathroom, but once we got started we figured it was a good opportunity to better insulate at least one room upstairs.  
 photo DSC04667_zps4d22c5fc.jpg
Just like we found during our main floor reno, there was zero insulation up here either.  It gets pretty hot up on that floor in the summer with no AC, and no insulation.  So we figured the extra hard work now, would pay off in the long run.
  photo DSC04686_zpscfdf4728.jpg
This looks all too familiar.  Funny how it's been a few years since our main floor looked like this, and yet once you get into the demo again, it feels like you haven't had a day off.
If you were to stand in that bedroom and face out you'd see the hall, and that wall that attaches to the bathroom. 
 photo DSC04669_zps5f79ff45.jpg
And now it looks like this...
 photo DSC04694_zps50f2554a.jpg
Wide open spaces (anyone else singing with me on that?)
So where are we now?  Well, we're at least a little further along than that picture which I'll share next week but, truth be told, it's busy times over here...Darryl's back to school and has acquired a part time job which takes up most of his weekends, he's also in the thick of midterms so, needless to say, there are bigger priorities right now than finishing our only 3 piece bathroom in our house (now that's a statement!).  But getting good grades is the most important thing for now, then we can refocus our energies back on construction.
Anyone else out there have a big project on hold??

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