More About Us

If you're wondering just who is behind this little blog, there are two of us.  Darryl is the mind and muscle behind most of what we do.  He's a handyman by nature and projects he hasn't taken on before, he dives into with full confidence.  He's also the comic relief to many stressful situations.  I am the writer, the photographer and the right hand lady.  I'm the one who, in the middle of the demo and construction phases, can't stop pestering Darryl with my never ending and always changing decor ideas.  I can't help it.  It's my happy place.  We thought it would be a great idea to start a blog because, a year into our renos, we were already starting to forget the details of the early days.  This is a place to record our memories and to share them with whoever wants to listen!

Darryl and I started dating in Sept 2001 - that's just over a decade ago, how wild!  We bought our first house together in October 2009.  It is a two and a half story, all brick, detached house built in 1920.  It has an unfinished basement, 5 bedrooms, one full bathroom and a powder room we put in during our work downstairs.  We were encouraged by the rebates the Home Energy Audit offered to begin an insanely huge renovation of our main floor in August 2010 and are so close to finishing it up just over a year later.  I know, a long time right?  The process probably could have been sped up a lot had we hired some work out, but we're both pretty stubborn, and ...frugal...and so we've insisted on doing every last bit on our own.  We're learning a lot along the way of what to do, and sometimes, what not to do. 

Keep checking in to see the crazy process we've undergone and to (soon!) see some completed "after" shots!

UPDATE:  We got married on September 1st, 2012 - Wahooooooo!!!!!!!

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