Monday, 23 September 2013


Here's the last little bunch of wedding pictures.  I've shown you the pre-ceremony and ceremony pictures, and these ones today are the "formals".  We got some pictures of my grandparents who looked fabulous!
 photo IMG_0631_zps67441974.jpg
Such a good looking couple!
Then, something I wanted was a generation picture of my nana's, my mum's and now my, wedding rings...
 photo IMG_0642_zpse0062d33.jpg
We took a few pictures of the wedding party who clean up quite nicely!
 photo IMG_0801_zps3934feef.jpg
 photo IMG_0806_zpse6cb17da.jpg
 photo IMG_0814_zps58f4ff13.jpg
 photo IMG_0822_zpsee9d0164.jpg
We thought it would be fun to have a picture of the girls lifting Darryl...
 photo IMG_0835_zpsfd72650a.jpg
Nailed it!
There is an entire series of pictures of the whole process of them dropping him which makes us all laugh, but eventually they got it...
 photo IMG_0845_zpsef6585c0.jpg
 photo IMG_0906_zps212a603e.jpg
Darryl killing some time...
 photo DarrylChair_zpsa0467185.jpg
Darryl couldn't be the only one having fun, so I hopped up for a fun pic too.
 photo IMG_1006_zps53f0eed7.jpg
Luckily I was not dropped!
 photo Bridal_zps242a95c7.jpg
 photo IMG_1045_zpsd85ed26e.jpg
Some detail...
 photo IMG_1067_zpsdf2af9f5.jpg
My hair...
 photo IMG_1072_zps3308645c.jpg

 photo Simpsons_zps14b70416.jpg
 photo Bouquet_zpsc2085f17.jpg
 photo IMG_1317_zps19f4caff.jpg
 photo Bridal1_zps098057dd.jpg
Nearing the end of the picture taking stuff, we were both starting to feel a little delirious, in need of food, water, and a chance for our cheek muscles to relax...
 photo IMG_1299_zps7e7fd372.jpg
 photo IMG_1301_zps98342989.jpg
 photo IMG_1303_zps25444084.jpg
 photo IMG_1305_zps72423e13.jpg
 photo IMG_1364_zps544a6bf0.jpg
So there we go!  That's a little peek into how our big day was, one year ago.  It was the most special day I've experienced in my life so far and I love looking back and reliving it through these pictures. 

Again, thanks so much to my cousin, Shelagh, for taking our pictures!

Sunday, 15 September 2013


Here's a few pictures of our ceremony.  The walk across the property, the bridge and then to the area where the guests and Darryl were was nice, long, slow and peaceful one.  I thought for sure my Dad would whisper something and get me blubbering before hand, but he was good lol.
 photo IMG_0320_zps7c1af8dc.jpg
 photo IMG_0321_zpsd793993d.jpg
 photo IMG_0331_zps99f7fc52.jpg
The groomsmen
 photo IMG_0342_zps7cd915e6.jpg
The Bridesmaids
 photo IMG_0344_zps3dc5f197.jpg
Darryl and I.  I had been so calm all day...
 photo IMG_0376_zps3132e868.jpg
And then Darryl teared up and got me crying too.  I had no clue what the minister had asked me to repeat, so I asked him to repeat what he'd just said, hence the cry-laugh
 photo IMG_0399_zps1a079784.jpg
The exchange of rings
 photo IMG_0416_zps868aed57.jpg
Signing the papers and making it legal!
 photo IMG_0454_zps8c349235.jpg
 photo IMG_0455_zpsfce212f1.jpg
 photo IMG_0461_zpse84a4b68.jpg
Taking a moment together
 photo IMG_0466_zps69b8e56a.jpg
 photo IMG_0488_zps6a551db1.jpg
Being presented as husband and wife!
 photo IMG_0510_zps514193b4.jpg
I wish I could remember what he said to make us laugh 
 photo IMG_0513_zps5a0a88f3.jpg
So there's a look at the ceremony, it was such a special day, and actually my most favourite part of the day, so I'm loving looking back at it will be the formals.  
Thanks to my cousin, Shelagh, for taking our pictures!

Saturday, 7 September 2013


So after a long blogging hiatus, I went back through a few posts and was reminded that I never, over an entire year, shared some wedding pictures with you.  So in light of our anniversary week (I call it that because last Sunday was our first wedding anniversary and tomorrow is our 12 year anniversary of being together), I thought what better time than now to reminisce over our wedding day.
Since there's quite a few to go through, I've decided to do them in categories, today's being Pre-Ceremony, then Ceremony, Formals and maybe a few bonus ones at the end.
So with that, here is a little of what was going on, one year ago, before the ceremony!
Where guests would be seated and where we would stand for the ceremony...
 photo IMG_0077_zps14f68181.jpg
If you were a guest, sitting in the above photo, and turned around, you would see the venue, and the bridge I would cross to get to the ceremony...
 photo IMG_0079_zps02e630ec.jpg
As I walked from the venue, this is the view of the bridge I had - so pretty! - and a little peak of guests before they would see me...
 photo IMG_0087_zpsdc6e139a.jpg
Another shot of the bridge towards the ceremony...
 photo IMG_0089_zpsaed8247e.jpg
For many bride and grooms a limo is the usual way to arrive at their wedding ceremony.  For me, the quiet family ride in our family car felt perfect.  It actually wasn't supposed to be in this car, my dad was going to drive his Cadillac as it's a little more fancy, but as we walked to the garage we realized that the Cadillac was blocked in with no car keys on hand to move the blocking car haha.  To me, I didn't care how I got there, I just wanted to be married.  In the end, it felt even more perfect to have driven our family Jetta.  As I sat in our car in "my spot" and looked to my left at my sister, my best friend, in "her spot" and my parents in front of us, it just felt right.  Like the many family drives we had taken in our lifetime together. 
 photo IMG_0129_zps97d91d02.jpg
Very excited getting out of the car!  Being very careful to hold the dress up so as to not get any car grease on it.  I love how it looks like my mum's got some walkie-talkie to connect with the bigwigs inside the venue...
 photo IMG_0136_zpsb42b4adf.jpg
Fluffing the dress out...
 photo IMG_01442_zps55701a23.jpg
Upstairs in the bridal suite, taking a quick glance in the mirror...
 photo IMG_01522_zps96b9d1c5.jpg
Darryl chatting with our minister, Norm...
 photo IMG_0169_zpsb5e479a7.jpg
The bridge...
 photo IMG_0210_zps5717c00e.jpg
Darryl's boutonniere, which we now have enlarged and framed in our living room...
 photo IMG_0217_zpsdd093b8b.jpg
So there's a few shots of what things were like before the ceremony!

I remember feeling so calm all morning, and then nervous once we got to the venue at the thought of so many people staring at me, and then calm again once I got to Darryl.  Such a range of emotions to feel all in one day!

Thanks to my cousin, Shelagh, for our pictures!