Sunday, 15 September 2013


Here's a few pictures of our ceremony.  The walk across the property, the bridge and then to the area where the guests and Darryl were was nice, long, slow and peaceful one.  I thought for sure my Dad would whisper something and get me blubbering before hand, but he was good lol.
 photo IMG_0320_zps7c1af8dc.jpg
 photo IMG_0321_zpsd793993d.jpg
 photo IMG_0331_zps99f7fc52.jpg
The groomsmen
 photo IMG_0342_zps7cd915e6.jpg
The Bridesmaids
 photo IMG_0344_zps3dc5f197.jpg
Darryl and I.  I had been so calm all day...
 photo IMG_0376_zps3132e868.jpg
And then Darryl teared up and got me crying too.  I had no clue what the minister had asked me to repeat, so I asked him to repeat what he'd just said, hence the cry-laugh
 photo IMG_0399_zps1a079784.jpg
The exchange of rings
 photo IMG_0416_zps868aed57.jpg
Signing the papers and making it legal!
 photo IMG_0454_zps8c349235.jpg
 photo IMG_0455_zpsfce212f1.jpg
 photo IMG_0461_zpse84a4b68.jpg
Taking a moment together
 photo IMG_0466_zps69b8e56a.jpg
 photo IMG_0488_zps6a551db1.jpg
Being presented as husband and wife!
 photo IMG_0510_zps514193b4.jpg
I wish I could remember what he said to make us laugh 
 photo IMG_0513_zps5a0a88f3.jpg
So there's a look at the ceremony, it was such a special day, and actually my most favourite part of the day, so I'm loving looking back at it will be the formals.  
Thanks to my cousin, Shelagh, for taking our pictures!