Monday, 23 September 2013


Here's the last little bunch of wedding pictures.  I've shown you the pre-ceremony and ceremony pictures, and these ones today are the "formals".  We got some pictures of my grandparents who looked fabulous!
 photo IMG_0631_zps67441974.jpg
Such a good looking couple!
Then, something I wanted was a generation picture of my nana's, my mum's and now my, wedding rings...
 photo IMG_0642_zpse0062d33.jpg
We took a few pictures of the wedding party who clean up quite nicely!
 photo IMG_0801_zps3934feef.jpg
 photo IMG_0806_zpse6cb17da.jpg
 photo IMG_0814_zps58f4ff13.jpg
 photo IMG_0822_zpsee9d0164.jpg
We thought it would be fun to have a picture of the girls lifting Darryl...
 photo IMG_0835_zpsfd72650a.jpg
Nailed it!
There is an entire series of pictures of the whole process of them dropping him which makes us all laugh, but eventually they got it...
 photo IMG_0845_zpsef6585c0.jpg
 photo IMG_0906_zps212a603e.jpg
Darryl killing some time...
 photo DarrylChair_zpsa0467185.jpg
Darryl couldn't be the only one having fun, so I hopped up for a fun pic too.
 photo IMG_1006_zps53f0eed7.jpg
Luckily I was not dropped!
 photo Bridal_zps242a95c7.jpg
 photo IMG_1045_zpsd85ed26e.jpg
Some detail...
 photo IMG_1067_zpsdf2af9f5.jpg
My hair...
 photo IMG_1072_zps3308645c.jpg

 photo Simpsons_zps14b70416.jpg
 photo Bouquet_zpsc2085f17.jpg
 photo IMG_1317_zps19f4caff.jpg
 photo Bridal1_zps098057dd.jpg
Nearing the end of the picture taking stuff, we were both starting to feel a little delirious, in need of food, water, and a chance for our cheek muscles to relax...
 photo IMG_1299_zps7e7fd372.jpg
 photo IMG_1301_zps98342989.jpg
 photo IMG_1303_zps25444084.jpg
 photo IMG_1305_zps72423e13.jpg
 photo IMG_1364_zps544a6bf0.jpg
So there we go!  That's a little peek into how our big day was, one year ago.  It was the most special day I've experienced in my life so far and I love looking back and reliving it through these pictures. 

Again, thanks so much to my cousin, Shelagh, for taking our pictures!

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