Thursday, 21 November 2013

Framing and Insulation

Well things are still slow going over here.  Scratch that.  Things are no-going.  But that's ok, we hope to get back on track in about a month or so once Darryl's done his semester at school and I have some time off from work.  In the mean time, there was a little bit more that we got done this summer before school started up again.
 photo DSC04687_zpsa7329485.jpg
Darryl put some foam baffles in the attic for ventilation to channel cold and hot air to the roof vents before putting the insulation in.
 photo DSC04699_zpsf33e2da3.jpg
 You can also see the fan partly installed under Darryl too, which is fantastic and should prevent any mould from forming like it did before.
 photo DSC04698_zps61f2dc6f.jpg
This was one of those things we didn't take into consideration and ended up pushing back the more exciting things I was hoping to get done, like drywall and tiling and installing fixtures.  But it's obviously something that is needed and will help us in the long run.
 photo DSC04697_zps4ea96f29.jpg
Then Darryl got some framing up - that was an exciting visual change for me!

 photo DSC04715_zps3e778b12.jpg
And this is the view from in the bedroom, looking into the washroom.
 photo DSC04716_zpse960cb74.jpg
Then came some insulation.  Another big visual change that excited me - another step closer to making it look more like a livable room again!
 photo DSC04717_zps184de72b.jpg
Hopefully these rooms will be a bit toastier in the winter and cooler in the summer months now, and our energy bills will be a teeny bit lighter.
 photo DSC04718_zpsaccbb2a0.jpg
Not the most exciting or visually stimulating post, but definitely exciting for me as the rooms start to look a little less like construction zones!
We did get just a teeny bit more done in August before school started up, so I'll share those pictures as well.  And dream of getting back to the hard work and progress in a few weeks.