Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Saying Thank You

I was on the hunt a few weeks ago for some thank you cards for the brooch shower my sister hosted,  After not too long I happened upon these pretty little guys at Chapters which just happened to be in our colours.  Love when things work out like that!


So pretty!  I love me some nice stationery.

And since we're on the topic, the next piece of stationery we're dealing with are our invitations.  We decided to print them ourselves...but we can't get past the road block of having the cardstock feed through the printer!  It keeps saying there is no paper when there is.  I have a feeling it's because the top and bottom of the invites are not squared off, they are rounded so it's not registering that there's paper in there?  Anyways, it's our mission to get that figured out this week so that we can send them out in the next week or two!

Did you print your own invites for a wedding/event?  Was it easy peasy or would you not recommend it to anyone?  What are we in for...!

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