Monday, 10 September 2012

Anniversary Weekend Recap

This past Saturday we celebrated our 11 year anniversary...and our 1st week as a married couple too!  We decided to go up to the Muskokas to celebrate.  We went on an "Eco Tree Top Adventure", it was super fun and a pretty good work out, my body is s-o-r-e!! 
Here we are all geared up and ready to go

Because it was back to school and we were there on a Friday, we were the only two doing the trek which was pretty sweet!


Going on a 350 foot zipline, fun fun!


Every stretch in between two trees is called a "game".  Some games were just a wire you had to walk across, others were wooden blocks, which I thought would be easier to cross, but that was so not the case!  Each block got further and further apart on this game until eventually I was literally doing the splits mid-air just to get across.  Then they got so far that that was impossible and you had to swing across.


Don't let my good balance fool you, these wires were WOBBLY! 


This game kept trying to flip on its side on you, very tricky...hence my death grip!


Hahah, I just noticed all of those pictures were from the first and second courses, by the time we got high up to the top of the trees and the games got so much harder, the camera stopped coming out!

The Adventure Park is right in the middle of Santa's Village (which, strangely, is only open in the summer), so we stopped to take a picture


Darryl wins the freakiest-elf-ever award


Then we drove a short 10 minutes away to the Inn we would be staying at, which was super cute!!  The room we had was in a 1920s house called the Gate House with a lovely front porch...


Then inside it had a wood fireplace, a living room, TV...


...and a jacuzzi beside the couch. Interesting placement, but lovely nonetheless.


Off the living room was the bedroom and the bathroom was to the right of the room.  So quaint, we loved it.



We went down to the pub for dinner and had prime rib and butter and herb stuffed chicken (which oozed butter and grossed me right out, I guess the name of the meal should have been my first clue) and had funnel cake poutine for dessert! 


There was a wedding being held at the inn, so we peeked in and had a look and reminisced about how already a WHOLE WEEK has gone by since our wedding haha.  Ca-razy.  Old married couple right here, now. 


On our way home we stopped off at an antique store we try to hit up whenever we come home from up north.  I love this shop.  We went to an antique store near the Inn we were at as well and it was very nice and well organized with very high-end antiques, but to me, there's nothing like an antique store where the shelves are filled to the brim, there's barely any walking room and you have to dig through piles to find all the good stuff.  This is one of those shops...


I tried to take a picture of the inside to show how insanely cramped it is, but I was afraid of my elbows knocking something precious over as I rifled through my purse for my camera.  Seriously, this place is so jam packed with goodies that you cannot even see the man standing at the cash.  He reaches a long-handled brass bowl/ladle (which he called his "prosthetic limb") over his mound of products for you to put your money in, and then hands you back your cash the same way.  Wild!

We have a thing for collecting skeleton keys, so we got a wee one to commemorate our 11 years together and our first week as a married couple.

What did you get up to this past weekend?  Any favourite antique stores you love?  Have you done a tree top climb or ziplining?


  1. Congratulations on your wedding! Looks like a fun weekend - I've always wanted to try one of those tree top courses.