Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Updated Dishwasher

While all I really have on my mind is reliving our wedding this past Saturday, I also just realized that I never showed you our updated dishwasher we got back in july!  Our old dishwasher was a white/yellowing one donated to us by a family friend.

It worked just fine but we are slowly trying to update our appliances to stainless steel.  We got our fridge off of craigslist a while ago, and we had been searching for a dishwasher for months.  Finally we came across a listing for $100 for TWO stainless steel dishwashers!  We ended up paying $80 for the two...$40 a dishwasher!?  Come on.  How can you not?  So Darryl used one for parts to Frankenstein the other into life.  After buying a $30 latch (the part that clicks the door closed had broken off, and on a dishwasher, you need a secure door!) he had it up and running!

I don't know much about dishwasher quality, but Darryl seems pretty impressed with it.  We like how the buttons are all hidden, it's so nice and sleek!  The handle also relates to the one on our new fridge, so that was a bonus since they are two different brands.  It works like a charm and seems to hold more than our old dishwasher did. 

We still have to trim the sides out so that it is more built in, and we'll get to that all in good time.  Which is probably code for it turning into another thing we turn a blind eye to for months on end. 

We posted our old dishwasher on Craigslist and Kijiji and, not so surprisingly, have had no interest in it haha.  I guess white appliances aren't all the rage anymore, eh?  We thought we'd try anyways.

So now all we need is a stainless steel stove and our set will be complete!

I'll be back over the next week or two with some of the wedding details and projects I couldn't share before the big day.

Do you scour craigslist/kijiji for appliances or other home furnishings?

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