Friday, 4 January 2013

2012 List Revisited / 2013 Goals


Remember back in January when I did up our list of 2012 Goals??  Mhmmmmm...well I just had a look back at them and realized we have not come close to even starting any of them.  Shame!  Back when I wrote them up we hadn't yet been engaged.  Planning a wedding in six months kind of put everything else on the back burner and redirected our funds.  And now it's January and Darryl has gone back to school for a 2 year program and somehow I don't think we'll be getting to either of those projects until after that.

Well, maybe we'll get around to the porch next summer.  But I'm not making any promises.

Instead, we've refocused on a couple of smaller-scale and more manageable projects.  These still won't start until summer when Darryl is done school for the year, but here's what we're thinking:

#1 - Upstairs Bathroom - Our upstairs bathroom is, frankly, a hot mess.  This will be a complete gut job (which I guess doesn't sound all that "small scale", but in comparison to taking on the entire main floor all at once, it really does)

Let me take you on a tour inside to show you why this little room needs to be a total gut job. 

Paint is falling off the ceiling...


The enamel has worn off of the original 93 year old tub so that, even after a cleaning, it still looks like this...

Can't believe I'm showing this

The window is gone.  It's just the storm window left.  I can't believe we've gone three years without a proper window in there.  And that we used a garbage bag as window treatment haha.  That was supposed to have been a temporary fix.  Back in 2009.  Woops! 


The sink is falling off the wall...


The medicine cabinet looks more like a druggie's stash-zone.  Which is actually probably exactly what it was once upon a time. 

Yes, that truly is the inside of our medicine cabinet. 

The floor is a mish-mash of vinyl tiles and just plain gone in other spots. 


The door jamb is messed


The door itself also looks like it's been broken down a time or two.  Which makes me sad because, other than our exterior door, it's the only original door in the house.  We will either have to fix it up or find another purpose for it because since the bathroom is so teeny tiny (just short of being 6x6) it just ends up getting in the way and I dream of having a pocket door in there when all is said and done.

And worst of all, the mold.  You know those health-threatening spores?  They're growing on our walls!  I think the people who sold us the house simply painted over it and now it's coming back through, but the no-ventilation in there mixed with hot showers probably doesn't help the situation much. 


We're also considering adding another foot or two from the neighbouring bedroom.  But the dilemma is that that bedroom is already pretty small (9x10), so taking from it would mean turning it into potentially an 8x9 room. 

#2 - Upstairs Floors - Now this one is less of a "goal" and more of a wish.  Ever since we moved in we've wanted to fix those things up, but the main floor needed more attention and now that we're "done" down here (I say that loosely because we still need to do many finishing touches, like window trim, patching holes, toe kicks under the cabinets...) I can more realistically daydream about the upstairs.  I have always wanted to refinish the stairs and Darryl has always wanted to replace them.  I have always been against that because I want to keep as much of the original charm of our house as possible.  Until now.  Perhaps it's because of the staircase makeover that I dread to imagine any more time sanding wood, or perhaps it's because Darryl is probably right.  The floors have already been sanded down a time or two and there's isn't much left for us.  Also, the back bedroom used to be a kitchen and the floors have been absolutely destroyed in there...

Darryl says he looks defeated in this picture.  I say with floors like this, how could he not!

Mhmm, really and truly this is what our poor upstairs floors look like.  It's an awful shame.

So while it is unlikely that we will be able to replace the upstairs floor in this upcoming year, it is still something I will wish floor for.

When all is said and done, I hope that this time next year our upstairs bathroom is d-o-n-e.

What are your goals for this new year?

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