Monday, 27 February 2012

Fully Functional

I hope you're all feeling well rested after the weekend - I for one definitely enjoyed my first weekend in a month with no sanding! 

Anyhoo, functional bathrooms are great, aren't they!  For the last 2 months we've been loving living on our main floor again, but haven't been able to properly use our new powder room because the only thing in there has been a toilet...

..which becomes inappropriate when it comes to hand washing and not being able to shut a door.  Actually there was a sink in there, but no faucet.  I'll explain why a little further down.

Last week Darryl took care of a few things that we've been meaning to get to.  He hung a mirror that I've had for a few years...

It's probably not the last mirror we'll have in here, but might as well use what you've got on hand hey?!

We got a toilet paper roll installed...

I know, exciting, right?

He also installed a faucet we were able to finally find (sorry about the grainy pictures, I'm not sure why they're so grainy...maybe because there's no natural light in the bathroom??)

We had to buy a really tiny vanity because the depth of the wall before the door starts is only 14 inches.  It's really hard to find a vanity to fit an area that shallow.  They have some at big box stores but they weren't wide enough for our liking.  Thank goodness for IKEA and this sink that is only a little over 10 inches deep...
LILLÅNGEN Sink cabinet with 2 doors   Shelf-like edge can hold a soap dish, a toothbrush holder, etc.

It was the perfect solution!  The reason it took so long to find a suitable faucet is because if you can see on that picture up there, the hole for the faucet is on the side, so we needed to find a faucet long enough to extend over the side of the sink so that people had room to fit their hands under it to wash and so that the water wouldn't splash up everywhere.  Wow, how many times did I just say "faucet"!

All of the faucets we saw that we liked were too pricey for us, and the ones that were less expensive didn't extend into the middle of the sink enough.  Until last week when I was at Costco for an entirely different reason and I just happened upon this faucet, and for only $65!  What are the chances!  I was a happy bunny.

So now our guests can shut the door AND wash their hands after using the washroom.  What a treat!

How was your weekend!?


  1. Yay for functional bathrooms! So glad you guys had a good weekend and are making progress over there! :)

  2. Thanks Kerry, it feels good to be getting stuff done!