Friday, 17 February 2012

Long Weekend Loveliness

Happy Friday!  And lots to be happy about!  It's Friday, it's the Friday for a long weekend and it's Darryl's birthday weekend!  Unfortunately he has to work on his birthday, but we'll celebrate on his day off at least.  This week has felt like it has draaaaged on and on so I'm looking forward to a long weekend.

While we will be sure to take time out to celebrate, most of my weekend will be spent with this guy...

This will be weekend #3 working on the stairs and my goal this weekend is to be done all the sanding.  I'm feeling like that's pretty doable, all I have left are the "stringers", so I'm told they're called (the parts that run up along the wall), the spindles and the handrail.  The handrail may give me a run for my money trying to get in all the little grooves by hand, but we'll see how it goes.

If I'm going to make my deadline of being done by the shower, I only have this weekend and the next weekend, so if I am able to get the sanding done this weekend then next weekend I can start the staining and painting and finish up whatever I need during the week.  Am I being over-ambitious??   :S  I guess I'll let you know next week if I'm on track!

What are your plans for the weekend, any other birthdays out there?  Any projects around the house you're on weekend #3 of????

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