Wednesday, 11 April 2012


A few weeks ago, Darryl and I went to my Great Aunt's apartment (she is moving out and needs to downsize so we went to see if there was anything we might want, and helped clear out a lot of stuff).  One of the things that had been placed in the donation pile I quickly snagged, not knowing what to use it for, but knowing that it was too good to get rid of.

Right away Darryl said it would be the perfect foolstool to go with my sister's glider in their nursery (she was using the carseat to push off of).  As soon as we got home I took the legs off and grabbed some left over fabric from some other nursery projects and Darryl got to staple-gunning while I pulled the fabric tight.

The next day, while I was priming the staircase (for hours...and speaking of which I have an "after" post to share with you soon!), Darryl took the legs out to the yard and primed and spray painted them with 3 coats of Rustoleum's Antique White.  Then he brought them in and he BAKED THEM!  My word, does that little trick make them look and feel sooo good!  (DO NOT bake painted things in your eating oven, we have a toaster oven on it's last leg that we don't cook with).

And after dinner and all my priming was done, we drilled the legs into place and voila!  An easy-peasy, super quick project with lots of payoff!

Let's see one more before/after...

And here it is to scale...

So now she can rock herself and baby while keeping the car seat in the car, woot!  

Have you redone an ottoman/footstool (what is the different between an ottoman/footstool anyways...same thing??)