Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter Treats

Last week I made some easter treats for co-workers and some kiddos and they were a huge hit.  I can't take credit for them though, I got the idea from...where else....pinterest.  But instead of filling them with egg gum, I put chocolate eggs inside.

Just grab some dollar store plastic eggs to use as moulds (the link says to spray them with non stick cooking spray, but I found they didn't need anything, they came out so easily on their own).

Then dip and decorate however you like, I melted coloured chocolate disks from Bulk Barn and sprinkled them with candies.

(if the krispies look green and pink, it's because in one batch I tried using coloured marshmallows, but IMO they don't taste as good as the plain ones)

They're a little labour intensive (and if you plan on trying them, make them in small batches or the rice krispies start to harden up and get too hard to mould), but worth it once you get to eat them!

I hope all who celebrate had a lovely Easter!

Did you do any Easter treats? Do you have a favourite Easter meal you like to make?  Traditions?

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