Friday, 16 March 2012

The Bandaid

I forgot I said that I would explain why I had the bandaid on in this exciting post.  Mainly I just want to write about it so I can look back and laugh at my silly self.  Three days after we got engaged (how crazy!!) I was taping the stair treads off in preparation for painting them.  I quickly swept my hand underneath a tread to secure the tape down and promptly gave my self the biggest splinter I have ever experienced.  It was like a twig in my fingertip.  Not even a twig....a branch.  After a few choice words I ran down to Darryl flubbering (yes that's a word!) and trying to explain what had happened while my poor finger throbbed and throbbed. 

Maybe the picture doesn't quite do it justice, but this thing was THICK!  Straight away, Darryl got to work pulling out our first aid kit, disinfecting my finger (as I was paranoid that lead or some other poison was leaking into my body) and working those tweezers like they've never been worked before.

What he didn't tell me until it was all said and done was that after telling me to look away, he ditched the tweezers for a mini scalpel! 

It took a good 45 minutes to get this thing out, it didn't look very deep but it turns out it was.  After nearly fainting twice (eyes going black, everything sounding far away, knees week and room spinning) I quickly dropped myself to the floor and put my head between my knees and avoided the humiliation of fainting over a sliver.  Twice. 

Finally Darryl took me to the couch to lay down, so that if I did pass out I wouldn't fall, put a blanket over my head (like they do to worked up animals at the vet!  ha!) and continued his surgery. 

Eventually it was all over and Dr. Darryl had fixed my poor little finger.  I had to take a picture because how can you not laugh at the dramatics all caused by a sliver!  I mean really, a head lamp?!

And Dr. D does not give just any old bandaid to good patients, no no...

I was a happy bunny in the end.  And grateful to have an in-house doctor.

Ever had a huge sliver and performed mini surgery on your self?  What's your biggest home project related injury??

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