Monday, 12 March 2012

Tea Time

How was everyone's weekend!?  I've got some holidays from work this week, woot!  So I'm hoping to use these few days as best I can between house projects and some wedding planning we're trying to get underway. 

We spent this weekend with a couple family visits and lots of lounging actually.  Yesterday we did put a good 5ish hours in on the staircase though.  Man, priming is taking forever!  I've changed from regular primer to Cover Stain because is was taking too many coats of regular primer (5!) So I'm hoping I can go back with one more coat of Cover Stain this week and then I have a bunch of nail gun holes to fill and sand...and then we'll be ready to paint!  Cannot even wait!

My great Aunt recently moved out of her apartment and had to downsize some of her stuff and I inherited some lovely new-to-me Royal Albert China!

They're light grey leaves with gold accents.  Isn't fine china so beautiful!?

I've since rearranged this cabinet, added a few plates under the cups to give them height, I should take some updated pictures someday...

Psst, hey Darryl...imagine how great these pictures would look with a finely painted and revamped hutch....!?!?!  Hey?  Hey??  Pretty pleeeeeeeaaseeee!!

What did you get up to this weekend??


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