Thursday, 8 March 2012

Baby Shower

The shower was a success!  I was a little nervous about hosting 25 ladies in my house, but my mum was such a huge help and made me feel calm and ready.  (Darryl's sister came over late Friday night and helped me set a few things up so that was a huge help as well!)  My mum came a couple hours early to help me throw a few last minute things together which really helped me out a lot - and thank goodness she did because people started arriving half an hour early!

I decided to go with a light green and pink theme as those are the nursery colours and I think they look so sweet together.

What the table looked like before some food and drink were added.

Table with some treats, a bust cake and some cupcakes (made by my aunt's neighbour) on some home made cupcake stands

Rattle cupcakes

The tissue pom poms I made for some decor.  They got a nice compliment or two!

Some books in the theme colours (Anne of Green Gables suffered at the teeth of one of my sweet kitties many, many years ago)

Some prizes for a couple games we played

And the diaper cake that I made for them with a few baby essentials tucked inside like shampoo, baby powder, stretch mark cream, wash cloths and socks.  I forgot to take closer pictures of the turtle on top that I sewed out of extra fabric from the nursery.

Another turtle shot - turtle templates are from here.  The little guy was my first-ever sewing attempt!  I'm quite happy with how he turned out  :)

So all in all, it was a success!  I was in bed 9pm that night though, I was pretty pooped.  But 25 adults fit on my main floor comfortably and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.  Next stop is the baby coming!!

*Thank you to my mum and cousin for giving me these pictures, I didn't have time to snap any pictures by the time everything started!

Have you ever hosted a large amount of people in your home - how did it go?


  1. I love the fun colour scheme and especially the bust cake - that's hilarious!
    Our current house is perfect for hosting big crowds because the rooms are generous and the flow of the space is great. I don't know what it will be like in our new house, since I'm sure it's gonna be much smaller! It doesn't really matter though - I think people are happy to cram together when there are good friends, food and conversations.

  2. Haha thanks Meg! It's true though, it's the people you're with that really matters!