Friday, 13 April 2012

Playing Host

On Sunday we hosted our first ever holiday dinner.  We thought Easter would be a good time to try out our hosting abilities because there always seems to be less pressure around Easter for our family (as opposed to Thanksgiving or Christmas).  We had 10 adults over, and little baby Lily, and we think we did A-OK!

We roasted a massive pork loin from the local butchers and some bacon wrapped asparagus deliciousness (the recipe I found on pinterest, bless that site!)

We realized that morning that our oven only has one rack (clearly we don't use it often enough!) and that the pork and asparagus would not fit in there together.  So in a panic I called Darryl's sister who lives near by to see if she could pop the baking sheet in her oven (as well as to see if she had any brown sugar we could borrow as ours was rock hard!). 

We also had generous help from our parents.  My mum brought some wine and a salad and Darryl's mom brought some Philippino food.  So in the end there was more than enough food for everyone to eat and take home for left overs.

It was fun to get out all the china and drink from tea cups with saucers.  I just need to remember to slow down and take pictures next time!

At one point Darryl said, "It's actually pretty fun playing host".  I said "I don't think we're playing anymore!"

I hope you all enjoy the weekend and all the rain that it's supposed to bring to our neck of the woods.  Grow plants, grow!

What are your plans for the weekend?

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