Monday, 23 July 2012

A Little Extra Cash

When we put our main floor back together, we put in a new kitchen....minus all the appliances.  We have all white, hand-me-down appliances from friends and family.  Our stove looks like it is from the 60s lol.  Actually, maybe it is. 

We debated over buying a new set of appliances because we do love the look of them, but everytime we saw that big 4-digit figure, we couldn't do it.  What we have works perfectly fine, so why fix what ain't broke?  At least, not for the prices the big box stores have.  So we scoured Craigslist/Kijiji for a while and finally came across a 5 month old stainless fridge and bought that for $500. 

After we had so much success at our garage sale, we decided there were a few more things we needed to purge.  Saturday evening I put 4 postings on both Kijiji and Craigslist for mine and my sisters childhood Ikea beds, some dining chairs and an old riding lawn mower that Darryl got from a friend for free (and it sat in our backyard for a good year doing a whole lot of nothing). 

Oh yeah, this baby was all ours

While it was cool and nostalgic, it was not practical or useful for us and, sadly, just took up space.  Twenty minutes after posting we had our first bite!  Two hours later that eye sore Gilson was gone for good and we were $70 richer! 

An hour after that I had a response about one of our beds.  Two hours after that I had 5 emails about it!  This was our first ever Kijiji/Craigslist posting.  We check both sites regularly and have bought a few things from them as well, but never had we posted our own stuff.  And let me tell you, after this weekend we may be hooked.  We started talking about what else we no longer needed in our house lol.

Anyhoo, Sunday afternoon one bed was gone and we had another $80 in our pockets, woot woot! 

Rewind to Friday night - and the initial point I was making in this post...sorry, I got sidetracked!  Darryl had come across 2 stainless steel dishwashers posted for $100.  Convinced he'll be able to fix their flaws (one leaks and the closing mechanism on the other has worn off), we made an offer and today we picked them up for $80 using the money we had made from the lawn mower.  Wonderful!

So as I type Darryl is out in the back taking all the best parts from both to make the perfect dishwasher for us.  They're both the exact same model...he tells me they're high-end dishwashers, although if they clean my dishes for me I couldn't care any less what brand they are.


I'll let you know if we have any luck turning our one-stainless-appliance kitchen into two!

Do you like to scour Kijiji/Craigslist for good deals?  Or making some extra cash by selling your own stuff on there? 


  1. That is awesome! Good deal, I hope that he can get the dishwasher working for you guys! :)

    We ALWAYS scour craigslist for deals. We just bought a headboard off craigslist, and we've purchased a few other pieces from it as well. We've made some good sales on it too when we were back in Toronto... I'm considering going through our storage room and seeing if there is anything else we can get rid of soon as well. We'll see! ;)

  2. Me too! He's re-assembled everything and needed to order one part, so fingers crossed!