Monday, 30 July 2012

Wedding Favours, Favour

What a great weekend this was...I had my bachelorette party which was!  I just have to get some pictures from some of the ladies I celebrated with and then I will share a few and fill you in on the details  :)

And since we're on the wedding topic, I'm looking for a favour...your thoughts/advice on wedding favours.

If you've been married, or been to a wedding, what were the best favours that you gave/received?   We're looking to keep the budget on the lower side but hate the idea of giving out some little trinket that people don't want anyways.  Edibles are always good, I know I always love a little treat waiting on my plate for me when I go to a wedding.   But I'm looking for maybe a more unique idea. 


I also like the idea of seeds, so people can plant them and watch them grow (just like our love...awwww haha). 

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I've also been to a few weddings where people haven't given each guest a favour, but rather made a donation on the guests behalves to a charity.  That's a really thoughtful idea and something that will never go to waste - we really like this idea.

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Let me know if something has ever stood out to you as a really nice, thoughtful gift at a wedding  :)

Any ideas you've seen at weddings?  Something inspiring on pinterest??


  1. My favorite flower is the daisy, so when we got married, we gave seeds out as the favor. We got a bulk package of daisy seeds, some tiny bags, and some of the same thick paper from our invitations. We made sort of large matchbooks with the seeds on the inside and I used the stamp from our stationary to personalize them.

    I also love the idea of making a bunch of little jars of jam and putting a pretty sticker on the top. I've seen them on pinterest. I guess it depends on the style of your wedding.

  2. So sad I missed the bachelorette - can't wait to hear about it in detail! ;)
    For our wedding gift, we took advantage of Paul being a printer & we both wrote the story of us, 1 side His Story, & from the other side, Her Story. Cost-efficient, since we did them ourselves, printed on beautiful stock with ribbons binding them, & we received many compliments. Paul thinks it was overkill, but even he can't deny it was better than candied almonds! I really like the seed idea, too.

  3. Great ideas ladies! Meg, I love the jams too...I have no idea how to make jam, but I'm sure someone on Pinterest does! Lisa, you were so missed at the bachelorette...much fun was had with boas and booze - I'm still finding feathers all over the place! Your favour idea is so romantic and personal, love that.

  4. I love all of your ideas! I've had jam as a favour at a wedding - the brides grandmother makes it so they made tiny jars of two flavours and left them out for guests. It was a huge hit and people actually used it! I've been thinking, that if B and I EVER did get married (haha) that I would love to give out my parent's homemade relish in little jars as favours! I just think things like that are such a sweet idea! :)

    When is your big day?

  5. Yes, I love personal, meaningful ideas like that Kerry! Sept 1st will be the big day!