Friday, 27 July 2012

Showers of Happiness

I haven't been sharing very many wedding details - I find it tricky, my family reads my blog and I don't want to spoil any details before the big day (dress shopping, decor, my bouquet...), so many of those things I will share after the big day which is only 5 weeks away now, eeps!

But on July 7th my mom, sister and bridesmaids hosted my shower and I want to share it here so that I can always look back and remember.  It was a hot day and with nearly 30 people in the house I was roasting with all eyes on me.  I've been to tons of showers, but it's definitely a different feeling when the shower is for you.  There was so much attention to detail, eye candy everywhere I looked, everyone worked so hard to make it a special day.

(thank you Mum for the pictures!)


Here's the table before guests arrived and it got swallowed up by extremely generous gifts (if you can see the few gifts that are there already are all in gift bags, as opposed to wrapping paper, because I am the world's worst present opener.  If it's paper, I just cannot rip it, I have to carefully detach each piece of tape or I just feel so bad ruining someone's hard work.  I know, I need to let's just one of my many quirks I guess.  So anyways, my family knows me well enough by now to put gifts in bags so that the gift-opening process can be sped up lol)

(my sister DIYed the window decor, on the left of the table were prizes and the toilet paper roll cake-like thing was for a game)

My Bride-to-Be pretty!

This is the game that all that TP was needed for.  Have you ever played this at a shower?  Guests are put into teams and are given a roll of TP to make one person a bridal gown.  Then they each had to model it as my sister and I scored their efforts.  Fun, fun!

My aunts can get fairly competitive with each other and this game may or may not have ended with one of them yanking the veil off a bride as she modelled down the runway (because their team kept working after all teams had been told to stop lol)  Hilarious.

A lovely and delicious cake in our colours

Cutting the cake...I wish I had a better shot of this table too because there was such attention to all the decor details.  You can see one of the DIYed poms in the window at least

And then how cute are these gifts that the guests got to take home?!  They got to pick an herb (either dill, thyme or mint) that were each labelled with cute names made up by my clever!

"Thyme of our Lives"

"Mint to Be"

Wearing my decked-out sash

And my precious little niece was even wearing a grey dress.  Adorable!

I had such an overwhelmingly wonderful time and was blown away by everyone's thoughtfulness and generousity.  This is such a special time in our lives and those moments where we get to celebrate with our loved ones mean so much. 

As for wedding plans this's my bachelorette party, woot!!!  I'll be sure to share some fun pictures of that next week. 

What are you getting up to this weekend??

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