Friday, 30 May 2014

While I've Been Gone...

Through the lack of posts on here (partially due to the fact that we are far from the world's fastest renovators and have just had nothing interesting to post about and also partially due to a lack of inspiration/motivation that I've mentioned before), I've finally found some new inspiration...

 photo priceless2_zps81b61704.jpg

Mhmm, that's right!!!  This was the picture we used to tell many of our family and friends that we are expecting.  We put it on the third page of a photo album and had people look through some pics until they stumbled upon this one (which many of them passed by without reading it lol and others were searching the reflections of the wall art for a third person hiding somewhere haha) It was a fun way to share some very exciting news.  So over the last 5 months while Darryl's been working hard on the bathroom, I've been working hard on growing a human life.  Amazing!


  1. Congratulations!! Such a cute photo as well :-)

  2. Congratulations!! Awesome news and such a great way to share it!