Thursday, 12 June 2014

He or She, What Will It Be...???

I could not wait to find out the sex of our baby and we were lucky that the little munchkin co-operated beautifully during our anatomy scan.  We had our immediate family over to share with them all at the same time what we will be having. 

I put out a few decorations, but I am no professional and these were all just for fun, so not pinterest-worthy lol.  Just some curly-cues, a little prediction chalk board I re-used from our wedding, and some confetti poppers filled with the appropriate coloured confetti.

 photo IMG_7123_zpsd4929b86.jpg

This was my guess before the ultrasound.  I thought from early on that it would be a boy. 

 photo IMG_7119_zps3f37904a.jpg

One of my students made me a card with her prediction inside as well.  It was so sweet...

 photo IMG_7121_zpsb554dba8.jpg

 photo IMG_7122_zps7564acca.jpg

For fun I also put up my answers to a few old wives tales for our family to see before deciding on their guess.

 photo IMG_7126_zpsce88b0e3.jpg

My darling niece Lily also made us a card that I just love to pieces...

 photo IMG_7152_zps6f40c68f.jpg

Girl loves her stickers!

 photo IMG_7153_zps2baf282e.jpg

Even though her card predicts a girl, on my old wives tale chart I put "boy" because that's what she had told me while I was babysitting her.

We bought cupcakes that had coloured icing inside for our family to bite into on the count of three.  Any guesses as to what was inside before I show you???  ...

 photo IMG_7132_zps164572b3.jpg

It's a...






 photo IMG_7148_zps1ec388f3.jpg


I guess my mother's intuition was right!  (Darryl's was too cause he's thought it was a boy from the get-go as well).

 photo IMG_7158_zps09c042e2.jpg

We didn't have a preference either way, we were just so excited to know.  It made it all seem more real somehow.

 photo IMG_7157_zps9a4cb7b8.jpg

This was such a fun, special and exciting day for us that we'll always remember.  Our families came dressed in either pink or blue depending on their guess and when they bit into their cupcakes, Darryl and I set off the blue confetti poppers for a little extra fun.  Darryl's sister gifted us with one of her "Wrinkles" puppet dogs from when she was little and my mum and sister both came with a little gift of super cute boy outfits and a blanket (they actually brought one for boy and one for girl and just returned the girl one later on).

I also did something different for my staff and students but don't have pictures to share.  With my staff I had them each pick either a pink or blue balloon to blow up.  The pink ones had tiny holes in them so that they immediately deflated and were left with only the blue ones still in tact.  Fun!

And with my kiddos I bought them some silly string and on the count of three they sprayed away and blue came out (I also re-used the confetti poppers as a couple of my kids actually did all the hard work of hole punching them out for me and they were excited to see them in use).  They also came wearing pink or blue based on their guess. 

It was so fun to share the news we were so excited about and to have so many people be excited with us.

Did you/would you find out the sex of your baby...share the news in a fun way??

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