Friday, 23 September 2011

In the Beginning (continued)

Thanks for coming back!  Yesterday I showed you the majority of the pictures from the first time we toured our house.  Let's see the rest and hope that we don't have the same caption issues as yesterday. 

These are pictures of the 3rd story loft of our house as it was before we bought it:

A reminder that before us, this duplex was full of *colourful* tenants

The walls were several shades of beige and nicotine.  There was graffiti covering every wall with every imaginable curse word, some hex-like verses, and sketches of pot plants along the ceiling.  This house was begging for some TLC.

In the front bedroom of the 3rd floor loft, someone thought it would be a great idea to paint one side of the room (and every panel of the window, except one??) in bright blue, while leaving the other half a dusty rose colour.  I am determined to turn this into a wonderful crafting/painting room for myself!  Darryl wants the other room for his poker room/man cave.

Then there was sketchy wiring like this:

and this:

A look out the window to the backyard, it's a nice size with some mature trees.  That's the shared garage that straddles our backyard and our neighbours

We went out to have a look and...

That's me shaking my fist at the bird that pooped on my arm!!  Our Romanian friend assured me that this was good luck.  Maybe it was an omen??

As you can imagine we had quite a lot to talk about as we left.  I was terrified at the prospect of all the work that would be involved in a house like this.  Darryl on the other hand saw the potential in investing in a house where we wouldn’t be paying for someone else’s hard work and upgrades.  So he twisted my arm and a few very short months later we got our keys and moved in!

Are you guys more like Darryl, can you look past the atrociousness when house hunting?  Or are you more like me, terrified and overwhelmed by what you see?


  1. Our house was the perfect mix of livable, but definitely in need of some upgrades. We looked at a few others where we could see past the awfulness, but we just didn't have the money for at the time.

  2. Yeah I hear ya,'s definitely a work in progress which we are in no rush to finish. Just doing what we can, when we can lol