Friday, 23 September 2011

In the Beginning...

I guess before delving into the projects we’ve tackled so far, I should start at the beginning and give you the low-down on how we got our house…

After months of drive-by house hunting, we (my boyfriend, Darryl, and I) drove past a house with a young guy sweeping the front porch.  Being the outgoing, personable guy that he is, Darryl asked if we could have a look inside the house they were selling.  We took a tour through the appallingly grungy house and instantly both had completely different opinions of it.  While Darryl could see past the grunge and deterioration, I had a hard time getting past the stench of cigarettes and cat pee that hit me like a brick wall.  The house had been set up for years as a duplex that was rented out to – how can I say this politely – careless tenants??  On the spot Darryl negotiated a fairly good tentative deal with the owner and we were left with lots of food for thought.  Here’s a look at some pictures of that very first day.  Brace yourselves...

The main floor wasn't as terrifying as the rest of the house, it was just the grimy feeling the floor had. And that SMELL! (this was me needing some major convincing)

The kitchen was a cute 50s throw back, but needed an overhaul with drawers with no bottoms, missing drawers, and other drawers that fell out when you opened them. The laminate flooring was poorly installed and would slide across the floor under your feet if you stepped a little too quickly on it.

This shower stall pretty much sums up the condition of the unfinished - yet lived in - basement.

Aside from the dire need of paint, I couldn't help but fall a little bit in love with the old wooden staircase, with it's original trim and lots of character.

One of the bedrooms had been turned into a kitchen (which came in quite handy for our future main floor overhaul...more on that to come soon!) the marks on the walls are from the cabinets, there's some plumbing, and the floor is in pretty rough shape, I'm assuming from water damage.

Another bedroom had some of its ceiling missing.

Another little piece that kinda made my heart beat was this tub in the teeny tiny upstairs bathroom. I love a clawfoot tub.

Main floor bathroom (with no sink, had to walk out to the kitchen to wash your hands!) You can't make it out in this pic, but the wall portion of the tub insert was taped to the wall. oy.

This is getting a little long and I don't want to lose your attention before I've even begun, so come back tomorrow for the rest of the first day house tour!

I'm experiencing a few formatting issues with the captions under the pictures, so hopefully tomorrow's post will be a little easier on the eyes!

Have a great weekend!

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