Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Candy Cane Vodka!

Another pinterest inspiration...

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I like vodka, and I like candy canes, so this sounded pretty yummy!  I filled a jam jar with vodka and popped a candy-cane in there for 2 days and it quickly turned a beautiful shade of candy cane red.  I made up a label and tied on a bow and was ready to bring it to a Christmas party we were off to!  (Not before giving it a quick taste test of course and it was yummy!)

After I made it, Darryl asked me how people are supposed to drink it....good question.  I'm guessing shots??  Or a tiny bit in a glass to sip on (because it's pretty sugary!)  But if anyone else has any ideas maybe I'll try it again next year.

I packaged it up in a gift bag and added (yes, another pinspiration!) some "reindeer noses" (8 maltesers and one red gumball)

Can you even remember life before pinterest?!

Tomorrow I'll be back to share the one little thing we got started on over the holidays.

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