Friday, 20 January 2012

Mirror Mirror

Darryl bought me this nice large mirror for my 2010!  And it sat packed away during our renos until we found a nice place for it...

Right in the front entrance!  It's nice because it reflects the light around nicely and makes the little entrance feel a little bit bigger.  But it feels like it's floating in the middle of no where right now - I'd really like to have some kind of table underneath it. 

(eeps!  Don't look too closely at the staircase, it's still covered in mudding from drywall  :S  We'll get to it eventually!)

Anyways, it would have to be a really narrow table though because there's not a lot of room in there

I've had my eye on this guy for a couple of months now...

It's only 8 inches deep so it really wouldn't get in the way or crowd up the entryway.  Since we have no front hall closet, it would be nice to have somewhere to hide off season or extra shoes.  I also really like how there are no back legs so that it can butt right up against the wall and waste no space.  But at this point it's just not a priority and I can't justify buying it just yet.  It's in my memory banks though and everytime I go to Ikea I stop to visit it!

Have a lovely weekend!!

Does anyone have this piece?  Is it worth it?  Any other small space suggestions??

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