Thursday, 12 January 2012

Dry Erase Calendar

Scratch what I said yesterday, it's not even really photo worthy to show you what we started over the holidays so we'll have to work more on that...but I did scratch something off my personal to-do list last week.

I've had this frame and this project on the to-do list for a good while now, and finally just got around to actually doing it!  I love a calendar.  And I love having it out in the open, easy to see and access.  It makes me feel more organized being able to see what's coming up in the month ahead and being able to quickly add things to it.  I wanted to do a dry-erase calendar so that I would have to waste paper each month and then toss the calendar out (I used to write everything on paper calendars and then I never could throw them out because so much had been recorded in now I have many stored away from my teenaged years!  I never look at them but don't have the heart to get rid of them, so a dry-erase will help keep my paper clutter down!)

I got this picture frame from Value Village for $8.99 and it was the perfect size.  While I was busy priming and painting the baseboards I thought it just made sense to keep my roller going and get the frame done too.

I gave the frame a quick sand, two coats of primer and two coats of paint. 

Then - many days  weeks later - I got out some paper, pencils, erasers and a ruler and got to drawing up a template of how I wanted the calendar to look. 

Then I flipped the paper over so I could trace the template onto the back of the glass (I wanted the basic template to be on the inside of the glass so that it would never get wiped off).  Then I'll add the dates, the month and everything else on the outside of the glass with dry erase markers.

I debated for a while over whether to use fancy scrapbook paper, wall paper, paint chips, and finally settled on some of the fabric I ordered a few months ago.

So here's the empty wall in the unfinished-finished kitchen before we hung it...

And with the calendar up...

(I have to brainstorm ideas for something to add above the calendar...any thoughts??)

My mind is already at ease, seeing everything up in clear view! 

Does anyone else love calendars?  Have you ever made your own??


  1. I do love calendars, and anything to do with organization! My problem is that I love the look of all the pretty supplies, but I'm not so great at putting them into practice.

    Your board looks cute!

  2. Thanks Meg :) I'm the same way with organizing all the clutter!