Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Christmas has come and gone, but because I took a break over the last two weeks I never got around to posting a couple of holiday crafts I did.  If you're sick an tired of Christmas stuff, come back in a couple of days, this is more just a way for me to document some things I enjoyed doing!

I thought these guys were so cute on pinterest so I decided to make some for Darryl's sister's boyfriend...

Pinned Image

I used different beer to suit his tastes but basically did the rest the same (except I made a "rein-beer" sign to put on either side of the case...which I forgot to take a picture of)

My sister made some too and I love how hers turned out, the scarves are too cute!

This was a fun and easy gift...although it was suprisingly difficult to find brown pipecleaners!

Did you use any pins as inspiration for your gifts this year?

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  1. Ha! We loved getting those reinbeer for Christmas! We were told Prancer was the one in the feather boa (obviously)!
    Love them!