Friday, 14 October 2011

All Walled Up

Getting drywall up is such a satisfying feeling!  I makes everything look like a liveable space again.  We were so lucky to have a family member who had a drywall lift for doing the ceiling.  Darryl's back was greatful.  Let's take a look at the progress

The guys got this room done in one day and left the kitchen for another day.  Some time later, I can't remember now, we did the mudding (a terrible job to give a detail-oriented person, in my opinion haha) and Darryl's dad came over to start a coat of primer!

One of the most important things I learned along the way when mudding drywall:  whatever you do, do not put your nose up to the wall to inspect for imperfections!  Stand a couple feet away, just as you would if you were casually standing in the room.  Whatever you notice from there, fix.  Whatever you don't notice from there, move on to the first coat of primer.  The primer will really show you what imperfections will stand out once you paint, so do a little patch work if needed before the second coat of primer and you're good to go!  I wish someone had told me this before I started mudding because I was pulling my hair out at the sight of miniscule dings, dots and lines.  Do not obsess as much as you are tempted to or it will delay your progress significantly!  I speak from experience. 

You can see what the living/dining room looked like before here and here.

Next week, some much needed window improvements and floor updates!  Have a wonderful weekend!!

Do you have any other dyrwall/mudding tips?  We've got 2 other floors and a basement to work on so we'll definitely be doing more!


  1. That drywall lift must have been a huge life (and relationship) saver hahaha. I vow to never help B with drywall again....

  2. Wet sanding..basically take one of those little yellow sponges with the green back, use the green back while your mud is still damp and go from there..lots of tutorials online and way less dust..wish I had learned this before we really started working on our bathroom area!



  3. WOW! Congrats :) And I concur that the drywall life was probably one of the smartest decisions you could have made. But even mudding and taping is very very tough - good job!

  4. my goodness you're right ladies, mudding and taping is a job and a half! i helped darryl with a ceiling piece of drywall after we'd returned the lift and i'd be lying if i said it didn't end in tears hahaha

  5. thanks for the tip shelley, i'll definitely have to try it on our next rooms!