Monday, 3 October 2011

Jack of All Trades

A little deviation from the usual reno posts.  But this does involve a minor, but crucial, aspect of home improvement for us.   Last weekend I was on my own while Darryl went on an end-of-season camping trip (though I missed out on the trip, I was super excited to start a new dance class I sign up for through Groupon, I'm such a nerd like that, and to attend a going away party for my cousin who's moving to Europe for a year). 

When I'm home alone I sleep with my bedroom door locked.  It's the only way I can sleep soundly, knowing that even if someone were to get in the house, at least they can't get to me through my super steel fire door that's still in the house from its duplex days.  I can't be the only person who incessantly envisions home invasions while home alone, right??

Darryl being mean, taking pictures of me while I'm all vulnerable.  He thinks it's funny when I put toothpaste on my "blemishes" to dry them out...anyone else with me??  haha

Anyways, having survived the night from a potential home invasion, I woke up and puttered around the house leaving my bedroom door open as I always do.  But my parents were coming over in the afternoon and so I closed the door to hide the disaster that our room, and entire upstairs if I'm honest, has become.  Ever since we demolished our main floor we've had to migrate upstairs, putting in a temporary kitchen in one bedroom and living room in another.  It is next to impossible to keep on top of all the dust that constantly reappears. 

After shutting my door I had forgotten to put a few things away, only to notice that I had LOCKED MYSELF OUT!!!!  This wouldn't be such a big deal had my doorlock been one of those standard push-button locks that I could always break into using a wire hanger when my sister was dillydallying back in the day at our parents' house.  No no, we had to leave the fire door on and not change the locks when we moved in.  So I panicked and called Darryl at his campsite to which he replied that he would either have to break through the window, and subsequently add buying and installing a new window to our to-do list, or put a hole through a neighbouring wall!  Enter Mum and Dad...who so calmly asked "why don't you just call a locksmith?"  Hadn't occured to either of us in our panic haha. 

Long story short, when he got home he ended up breaking into the room using a gift card!  (Sometimes home improvement isn't always what you planned or imagined)

I thought that was only done in movies!

While I was so ecstatic at not having to pay nearly 100$ for my stupid mistake, I now have a whole new set of worries when I'm home alone, knowing that a measly gift card can do the trick!

I love my Jack of All Trades.


  1. hahahaha awesome! I hate being home alone. Last time B was away for the night, I took Halle and the dogs and went to stay at my parents.

  2. Finally it's letting me reply to my posts! awww, well I'm sure your parents love having the grandbaby over for a sleep over!