Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Sticker Shock

While I'm waiting for my fabric to be delievered for my benches I'm gathering the other supplies I'll be needing.  Since this is my first attempt at upholstery I don't have anything on hand.  I called fabricland last week to see about their pricing for high density foam, only to be told that Fabriclands don't sell it.  Ummmm, where else am I supposed to get it! 

Luckily the lady recommended an independent place right around the corner from me, Ace Upholstery, who might.  I was happy to find that they did sell the foam, so I bought two 21x23 pieces for $20 each.  I was a little surprised that foam would cost so much.  The salesman said it was because the foam was made from oil.  Out of curiousity I called another Fabricland location and found out they do sell high density foam.  My heart dropped  a little before I asked how much they charged, in fear that I had been had at this other store.  I was pleasantly relieved to find that Fabricland's prices were more expensive.  Phew!

Since this is my first attempt, I checked a couple online tutorials and bought 3" high density foam thinking that was standard for furniture that would be sat on, but in hind sight I should have taken into account how high the tables already are.  I should have got maybe 2" foam.  But, the 3" will have to do now!  If I find they are too high I can always cut the legs down a bit.

Last week I went to Fabricland to see about some batting.  The lady looked at me like I had two heads when I told her what it was for.  Are they behind the times or something, or is it me, am I missing something?  Why is Fabricland against my little project!  So for just over 2 yards it would be $18.99.  I thought maybe this new place I found the foam from might beat that price.  I just got off the phone with them and they charge $3.99/yard!  Which would mean that 2 yards would be $8 + tax.  More than half the price! 

Moral of the story....shop around.  Turns out independent stores aren't always more expensive as I had expected!

Where do you go for your upholserting needs (fabric, foam, batting...)?


  1. Those are going to turn out cute! :) For fabric I have many sources, it really depends on my budget for that project. I like fabric.com, Home Fabrics, Calico Corners and L&S Fabrics

  2. YAY for Ace! We bought our high density foam from them LAST SUMMER for our bench in the basement... we haven't made the cover for it yet hahaha... but we will get there one day! They definitely are great! :)

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