Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Taking Back Our Dining Room

I realize that demo definitely isn't the most fun or glamourous part of renos, but as this blog is serving as a bit of a diary for us to remember every little step of the way, I've got to get all my thoughts out.  More exciting and pretty stuff to come though, hang tight!

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, when we bought our house, the dining room's original entryways had been dyrwalled over to turn it into a bedroom.  In order to faciliate a duplex, they also had to find a place to put in a bathroom on the main floor.  I guess they did the best they could with the given space, but stradling a bathroom between a kitchen and a dining room was not our ideal layout.  It meant that we had an "L" shaped dining room...

Not the best picture, but it's really the closest one to showing the footprint of the dining room (where the boys are).  What they're about to take down is the shower part of the bathroom, that was never there when the house was originally built.

I have yet to come across an easy, straight forward, online floor planner, so I decided to just draw the main floor out quickly to give a better impression of the bathroom situation...

So we tore that whole bathroom out and relocated it to a different spot on the main floor, converting it to a powder room.  More on that in the coming weeks!

While I don't have after shots yet of a full on dining room, we've at least got the full shape and size back to work with.  Woot!  In the first picture from this post, you can see the dining room only had one of these two windows, the left side was part of the bathroom before, now we have both back.

And for a different perspective, looking from the kitchen into the bathroom before...

And during demo, now we can see the dining room...

So now that we had this gaping hole (where we knew our fridge would eventually go), we framed up a new wall...

So yay to gaining our whole dining room footprint back!  Check back tomorrow and Friday to see the walls going back up!  Then next week we'll take a look at the floors  :)

Do you have a favourite online floor planning site?  Any tips?


  1. What do you mean demo's not the fun part? What can be more fun than taking a hammer and bashing it into a wall? ;)

    Have you tried It's relatively simple, though a little complicated to fight with at first. You can see an example of what you can produce here:

  2. haha matter of preference I guess, so not my thing! That is one I've come across but got frustrated with...I'll have to try it again, yours looks great!

  3. I used as well - a little tricky at first, but it doesn't take too long to get the hang of it. Here's how our's turned out: