Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Behind Every Door

After we had our countertops all on and gave them a few days to set, we got to putting the doors on the boxes.  Tres exciting!!  Ikea made it very easy for this step.  It was just a matter of unpacking the boxes, attaching the clips and then snapping them onto the cabinets.  Super easy.

So we quickly went from this (head's up these are so not glamourous pictures!)...

To this...

(not finished yet, boxes everywhere, no window trim, no hardware, but...one step closer!)

And from this...

To this...

We chose two upper cabinets with frosted glass doors because our main floor doesn't get a whole lot of natural sunlight, and we didn't want our kitchen to feel heavy and boxed in.  The glass door cabinets sit on either side of the kitchen window. 

We knew we would need a pantry to store things like canned and packaged foods, supplies like saran wrap and aluminum foil, paper towel....we're so glad we got this guy.

We also picked up Ikea's slow closers which are so good!  We are definitely feling spoiled.  At 7$ a pop we couldn't resist.  If you're thinking of slow closers, you can save some monies by putting only one closer one each door, as opposed to two (they are sold in a two-pack).  We have just one on each door and it's great.  I think if we had two on each door, the doors would just close too slowly . 

So next week I'll show you the hardware we ended up going with - and then I'll be able to show you fuller pictures of the kitchen, as opposed to close up shots of certain parts of the kitchen because I'm trying to hide the stuff I haven't revealed yet!)

Do you have new cabinet doors, do you prefer solid doors to glass ones?  Have you tried slow closers?

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