Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Karl's Dad Is Here!

Last week I shared with you our sad news about going from 2 couches, to none.  Well the rest of Karl's Dad has finally arrived and we now have comfy seating restored in our living room!

We were worried that we ended up having to buy a new couch long before we were planning to, we had only started saving in the summer!  But we also remembered that at the end of the summer we had a nice little monetary surprise come our way.  We didn't come into free money by any means, but rather had our own money returned to us.

We had a scare in the summer with the water company telling us that we somehow owed them over half a grand!  I knew that just couldn't be right because I am a religious bill-payer.  So after a quick call to the company, it was established that our meter reading that they had was off and that, in fact, we had been over paying for the last two years.  In the end it turned out that they owed us over $600!

When we got that cheque we hemmed and hawed over what to do with it - save it for future renos, put it towards the mortgage - and it sat on a shelf for a month or two.  We're thanking our lucky stars now that we never spent it because it meant we could buy a new couch with no financial strain.  It was like all this time we had a secret couch-savings account and didn't even know it....thank you water and sewer people!  So after taking the $600 off the total price, we were just left with $50 each to pay.  Easy peasy!

So this was another thing we got done on Sunday.  While Darryl was working in the bathroom I began putting the couch together.  It took surprisingly longer than I had expected (though it was by no means difficult).  The skin on my knuckles had rubbed off by the end and were stinging from pulling all of the material onto all of the cuchions and frames.

So I started out with a bunch of large boxes...

And here's the corner of the room where the couch would be going...

I set to work, putting the fabric on all of the pieces and then assembling the frame...

...and then called Darryl to check that things were okay before we flipped it right-way-up.

Right where his hands are in the above picture is where there was, strangely, no leg.  It seems like that exact spot would have people sitting on it often and it seemed odd to have such a long run with no leg support.  So Darryl grabbed some scrap plywood, screwed it to the frame and moved an extra leg to that spot. 

Either there was a lot of dust floating around, or we had some spirit visitors with us - see all the 'orbs'??   :s  Since this was before I vaccumed, I'm going to go with the dust theory...

Welcome home Karl's Dad!  We're so happy you've arrived and hope you'll be happy here!

Any furniture changes or purchases happening at your abode?


  1. Stuff around there is looking so good, Linds! I love that sectional, and you just can't beat Ikea's prices.
    I'm hard at work on Audrey's room. She's getting some new (old and fixed up) pieces in there. There is just soooo much still to do. It'll be a while yet!

  2. Looks great! The room is really coming along :)

  3. Wow, I didn't realized you had to put their couches together too!! I have the Karl's Dad couch on my list to purchase - Home Depot has some nicer turned legs that I think I'll use though. Looks good!

  4. Yeah the legs aren't very attractive, we may paint them a different colour at some point?? But for now they'll stay as is.