Thursday, 14 August 2014

Creaks Be Gone!

On Saturday, while Darryl and his Dad went to pick up our new front door (which won't be installed for months as upstairs is our priority.  We just wanted to make use of the 15% off sale), they also picked up some chip board for new subfloors upstairs.

The original subfloors upstairs were in pretty rough shape.  They were super squeaky and creaky (something I imagined cursing whenever the creaks wake up the baby when we walk around up there in my imagination).  They also had several sections which had broken off leaving gaps in the floors which isn't the safest or best. 

You can get the general idea of how they looked before, or here's a fuller picture of the subfloors on the main floor from when we did that reno a few years ago.

 photo IMG_7971_zps2d0ec78d.jpg

Sadly, I didn't get any pictures of the holes in the floor.  They started installing the chip board before I got home for the day and even realized they were going to.

So, on Saturday, instead of tackling the electrical as planned, they installed the subfloors in the nursery which felt like we were taking a step back a bit (as we were debating whether or not to even put new subfloors in).  It's going to add on to our timeline quite a bit, but in the end it is for the best.

 photo IMG-20140809-00453_zpsd549324f.jpg

 photo IMG-20140809-00454_zpse3cc67d1.jpg

So now when we walk in there, it no longer creaks and there is no fear of stepping on the wrong weak board and falling through to the main floor. 

Here's what's left for us to do before we can set the nursery up:

* Finish electrical in the hallway
* Drywall the hallway
* Mud the hallway
* Sand the hallway
* Prime the hallway
* Paint the hallway
* Take hallway floors up
* Remove all nails from the hallway floor
* Install new subfloors in the hallway
* Install new bamboo floors in the hallway
* Install new subfloors in the nursery
* Install new bamboo floors in the nursery

I should probably stop looking at this list.  It's very daunting and stressful and I cannot imagine how we're going to get it all done in time.

Anyone else stressing about projects and deadlines!?


  1. Don't worry - your little babe won't need that room for quite some time, so you have much more time than you think to get it done :)

  2. It's very true, I know he won't need the room right away, I just don't want the construction zone or the stress of having to worry about finishing it, all while learning how to be a new mom too :s But, he's going to come whenever he's ready, so I'm starting to let go of the NEED for it to be done as it is very possible that it won't be. Thanks for the encouragement :)