Thursday, 21 August 2014

Honeymoon Keepsakes

This summer Darryl and I travelled to Berlin and Prague for our (just under 2 years later) honeymoon and it was amazing!  We went for 9 days and had such a wonderful time exploring together and seeing new sights, learning about new cultures, their foods, their languages, their ways of life.  I was 28 weeks pregnant at that point and we figured this would be our last opportunity to do something big on our own, just the two of us, before we become a family of three.  We tend to always find excuses not to go on vacation - namely money-saving excuses but man were we glad to have done this.

I'll have to do up a separate post with some pictures and highlights about the trip, but last week I put together a little something to keep all of our keepsakes from the trip together.

It's nothing new or earth shattering, but displays everything that would have otherwise sat in a drawer, forgotten for years on end.

I started by laying out everything I wanted to include:

 photo IMG-20140804-00438_zps31464e5d.jpg

I bought two black Ikea Ribba frames and just used the inside paper to put my momentos on...

 photo IMG-20140804-00439_zps63153af7.jpg

 photo IMG-20140804-00440_zps5fb867b4.jpg

Once I was happy with the rough lay out, I trimmed the map to fit.  I actually had to use two because it wasn't long enough.  I had seen some cute ideas where people used the map to cut out letters that could say "Berlin" for example, but I quickly decided against that because I knew I wanted to have our main routes, streets and spots highlighted to look back on.

 photo IMG-20140804-00441_zpse2cc2b2f.jpg

Our framed keepsakes for Berlin...

 photo IMG-20140804-00443_zps69468f91.jpg

And for Prague...

 photo IMG-20140804-00444_zps46698b63.jpg

The reason some of the frames may seem unbalanced with greater areas of map showing and no keepsakes in certain areas is because those were the main travelled spots that have highlighted and circled spots that we relied on to get from point to point and I didn't want to cover them up.

Now we just need to find a spot to hang them, I'm thinking in our bedroom, but that's at the bottom of our to-do list right now.  Only 6 weeks until our due date and we are hustling to get a livable nursery and non-construction zone upstairs before that happens.  Fingers crossed!

 photo IMG-20140804-00445_zps28b0e5bc.jpg

How do you display or keep momentos from your travels safe?

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