Saturday, 2 August 2014

Shower Fixtures...

After nearly one whole year, we are finally out of the basement and showering upstairs again and I cannot tell you how amazing it is!

Installing these lovely fixtures is what made it all finally happen...

 photo IMG_7243_zps0ff2d290.jpg

 photo IMG_7245_zps078336c2.jpg

 photo IMG_7246_zps430f3181.jpg

 photo IMG_7247_zpse30a0295.jpg

Now all that the bathroom needs is some window and door trim (not a huge task, but we've decided to move on to more pressing projects like finishing the nursery before baby arrives) and some towel and toilet paper hangers.

I will show some pictures of the whole bathroom after the trim is done (knock on wood...I shouldn't even say that I will because goodness knows we still haven't trimmed the main floor from our first renovation a few years ago). 

Here's an updated look at our Bathroom To-Do list:

  • Install the toilet
  • Assemble and install the vanity
  • Install the medicine cabinet/mirror
  • Replace the window
  • Add trim to the window
  • Fill and paint the window trim
  • Install the shower fixtures
  • Install the shower curtain rod
  • Hang the door
  • Install door trim
  • Paint the door trim
  • Install the fan
  • Buy and install a light fixture (we thought we had got this done this weekend, until we got the fixture home and realized that it hung far to low and would hit some taller guests heads, so the search continues)

Any projects you're particularly grateful to have done?

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