Friday, 8 August 2014

Nursery Progress

The nursery has come a long way from where it was a year ago. It's still got a ways to go, but things are shaping up in there. It's gone through more work than most nurseries, but we wanted to have an insulated room for baby and new flooring that wasn't sticky and hole-ridden.

So almost exactly a year ago, this is how the room looked before we got to work.

 photo DSC04667_zpsdf9026a7.jpg

On the very right of that picture, you can see a good sized hole in the wall from when we did some duct work during our main floor renovations.  You can also see the temporary left over laminate floor we had put down over top of the sticky original floors just so that we could walk in there without leaving with a glue-like tack on our soles.

And just a view from inside the room looking at the doorway (with no door)

 photo DSC04668_zps5babdf2e.jpg

Then we tore it to pieces and it looked like this...

 photo DSC04686_zps3549de56.jpg


 photo DSC04689_zpse71da7be.jpg

And it stayed like that for a good 8 or so months while we worked on the bathroom.  But after insulating, vapour barriering and dry walling, Darryl was ready to sand it down...

 photo IMG_7931_zps347e1bf6.jpg

 photo IMG_7934_zps037c5739.jpg

After the sanding it was time for some primer (which ended up having some chunks in it from either sitting too long, or being stored in the heat of the attic, so it left a few bumps on our brand new walls, but worse things have happened).

 photo IMG_7933_zps188dd4ea.jpg

 photo IMG_7970_zpsd58e371f.jpg

My wonderful sister-in-law came to prime the walls and Darryl did the ceiling.  She gave the walls two good coats and took some of the work load off of Darryl's shoulders, which he so deserves, he's been working so hard and mostly on his own.  I haven't been much help since the paint fumes and drywall dust aren't ideal when incubating new life. 

 photo IMG_7971_zps2d0ec78d.jpg

But now we have a fresh, clean slate to paint the walls before the new floors go in.  Colour also went up last night which I will post about next week. 

Then, before the floors can be done, we have half the hall way to deal with.  It needs some electrical work, drywall, mudding, sanding, priming and painting and THEN we can start on the floors. 

Anyone installing new floors?  Working on a nursery?  Picking new paint colours?  Paint is always such a fun part of the reno phase. 


  1. Wow, what a transformation already! I can't believe how much work you guys have done - so impressive!

  2. Thanks Amelia, can't wait to be able to start filling it up with baby goodness!