Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Smoke Infusion

Last Thursday I had 2 wonderful cousin-in-laws come and give up their evening to paint the nursery for us and it looks great!  We used the left over paint from the bathroom actually.  I really didn't want to do a blue boy's nursery because it's so stereotypical, but we ended up deciding on the Valspar No-VOC "Smoke Infusion" colour from the bathroom for a couple of reasons:

1.  We already had a gallon sitting at home left over (but were thinking that if we didn't want that colour that we could paint the guest room or our room with it).

2.  The neutral-ish map that is the inspiration for decorating the nursery didn't look as good when I put it up to neutral walls, it made it look more yellowy and the blue really brought out some of the colours.

3.  It wasn't a baby blue, but more of a grey-ish blue that sometimes even takes on a greenish under tone which I liked.  It's more of a grown-up blue than a baby blue.

4.  Blue is my favourite colour.

Without further adieu, here are a few of what will probably be some of the most boring pictures ever (but it was a very exciting day for me so bear with me!)

Here's just the primer:

 photo IMG_7971_zps2d0ec78d.jpg

And a little bit of infused smoke...

 photo IMG-20140809-00450_zps0f9de99b.jpg

 photo IMG-20140809-00449_zps6a2980af.jpg

 photo IMG-20140808-00447_zps7add32c7.jpg

It's hard to get a true picture of the colour.  It's a little more accurate I think in the bathroom post from when we painted the same colour in there.

Here's what's left for us to do before we can set the nursery up:

* Finish electrical in the hallway
* Drywall the hallway
* Mud the hallway
* Sand the hallway
* Prime the hallway
* Paint the hallway
* Take hallway floors up
* Remove all nails from the hallway floor
* Install new subfloors in the hallway
* Install new bamboo floors in the hallway
* Install new subfloors in the nursery
* Install new bamboo floors in the nursery

Gosh, when you write it all out it seems even more daunting!  Here's hoping we have enough time in the 7 weeks before baby is due.  Luckily we've crossed one or two things off that list since I drafted this post, but still lots and lots to do!

Ps.  Has anyone found a technique or tape that DOESN'T pull your paint off??  Now we have to go back to repair parts of the brand new ceiling paint because the frog tape I used peeled so much off.  So frustrating.  I know cutting in is the only sure-fire way to not peel paint off, but I just don't trust my abilities yet.