Thursday, 10 May 2012

Brooch Shower

I wanted to post about what I had been looking forward to last weekend...I'm sure you've seen them all around blogland and pinterest, and as soon as I saw my first brooch bouquet I knew that was exactly what I was going to have whenever my time came to get married (obviously this was pre-engagement...actually it was last summer to be exact).  I knew it was what I wanted, not because it was the newest trend, and not just because I love all things old/historical, but because the thought of having a little piece of important people with me on the big day (as opposed to some flowers made by a stranger that would inevitably die) was such a lovely idea.  I didn't want to go around and collect all the brooches on my own (although I have picked up a few), I wanted it to be a sentimental bouquet with attachment and story connected to women close to me. 

So that brings us to this past Sunday where my sister held an intimate brooch shower for me.  She put so much thought and so many personal touches into this shower (with a 5 week old to take care of on top ot it!).  As soon as her handmade invites went out, I knew she had a lot of ideas brewing.  They are so creative and beautiful, and even had a tiny little brooch for each invite! 

She even calligraphied each person's name!

Then when you opened it up there was a sweet little poem (mine was a little different than the ones the girls got) and a picture of what a brooch bouquet is, as the guests weren't too sure what I meant when I said I wanted to make one.  Smart Girl!)

Then you could lift the picture and underneath was glued a little envelop that held the actual invitation and contact/RSVP information.  So creative, I love it!

It was such a beautiful shower.  I was greated with a lovely pink punch in an adorable mini-mason jar wrapped in burlap and twine.  Perfection. 

The afternoon started off with a quiz/questionnaire game where Darryl had previously recorded his answers (which was so cool - after I answered each question, they would press play to watch his answer on tv!).  First I had to try to match his answers and then he had to try to match mine.  I did horribly and I blame it on the pressure of being on the spot!  lol  He did much better than I did though and made up for it.

Me anxiously waiting Darryl's answer...the pressure!

The brooches everyone brought are so stunning and touching.  I just love that I will have a piece of all those wonderful ladies with me on the big day.  I loved hearing the story of how each brooch made its way to my hands, whether it was from someone's own jewelry collection, thrifted, antiqued or bought new.  (And check out the amazing boards Kyla made to display them all!  I'm going to find a way to reuse for them at the wedding because they are just too cute...)

My Mum is so cute, she got me "something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue" and labeled each box as such.  Adorable.

Something old...

Something new...

Something borrowed (the brooch from my great-grandmother's 3-piece jewellry set that will be returned to my mum after the wedding)...

Something blue...

And even the cake was made to look like a cameo brooch!

It was such a fun afternoon.  I can't thank my sister and mum enough for putting together such a thoughtful, sentimental shower, it's a moment and a memory I will treasure forever.  Thank you!

I've been researching a bunch of different ways to assemble the bouquet, anyone out there ever made one and have some tips? 


  1. I've never seen a brooch bouquet before, but what a cool idea! And the shower looks like it was really lovely - what an awesome sister you have :)