Monday, 7 May 2012

Value Village Finds

After a hair appointment on Saturday I couldn't help but pop into Value Village on my way home.  I was in search of some centerpiece inspiration, but ended up coming home with something completely different.  I'm sure you've all seen pictures similar to this one floating around pinterest and I really love the idea.  We have a couple old suitcases here that I thought would work perfectly (passed down from family members which makes it more meaningful).

Pinned Image

But then at VV I saw this cute little guy which just happened to be in our exact colour scheme for 4$ so I decided to pick it up and see how it would look with the suitcases we already have here - I like the idea of stacking a few on top of each other.

What are the chances??

We picked up something else at VV that I'll share this week too.  Something we have been needing and putting off for a while now...Also, I'll let you know what I was so looking forward to on Sunday once I get some pictures up.

What did you get up to this weekend - any thrifting like us?

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