Wednesday, 23 May 2012

I Love Long Weekends!

Well after a weekend of pestering Janice who was so kind and helpful with my picture issues, I'm still having some trouble.  All of her tips and advice (and yes, even a little video tutorial!) and I still can't figure it out!  She's got one more way to try to help this non-computer-savvy girl out.  If all goes well I'll have picture-posts again soon...Thank you Janice!

We had such amazing weather this weekend I couldn't get enough of it, the sun really is an instant mood-booster, don't you think!?  We got lots of gardening done, which you'll just have to imagine for now.  But I swear we were hard at work!

We started a tiny veggie garden (tiny because I'm sure it won't survive the vicious squirrels we're housing back there and I don't want to waste money feeding those guys).  But we got some corn on the cob which I'm so excited about!  And a strawberry bush, watermelon, peppers, snow peas, tomatoes and some herbs.

Darryl's cousin was doing some gardening of her own and was kind enough to bring us some of her perennials (black eyed susans, succulent, hydrangea and lamb's ear...have you seen that stuff, it actually feels like a little lamb's ear!)  I still have 2 to plant, but hope they'll all survive the transplant from her garden to ours!

Our neighbours were also looking to get rid of 6 root balls of day lillies so we gladly took them and potted them (because I hear they can take over if they are planted in the ground so we'll see how they go). 

We also bought a little braided hibiscus tree.

Long weekends in general are fantabulous, but having such amazing weather was really more than we could have hoped for!

Sorry for the lack-luster post!!

Did you also get to some gardening?  Start/finish some projects?  Or did you just enjoy the weather?


  1. Yay for pictures!!! :-) Don't worry though - it even stumped me for a bit!!

  2. The day lillies will definitely take over if planted in the ground - we have two beds of them (they were here when we moved in) and both last year and this year I've had to rip a bunch out to keep things in check!

  3. Yay, thanks coming soon!

    Good to know Amelia, thanks, I'm glad I ended up potting them then :)