Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Mason Jars

Hello!  Hope the weekend was good to you...we went camping and had lovely weather, got to some bike riding and trail walking as well.  Lovely! 

Last week (before my VV trip) we went Garage Saling (how do you spell that!?).  It's something we both highly enjoy, which is nice.  We just drive aimlessly on a Saturday morning and are sure to come by a good number of sales.  Darryl bought a couple of old chainsaws which he assures me are "works of art" and I picked up a box of old mason jars from the 30s from a lovely old man for $2.  We may use them for holding candles for the wedding, but there's also tons of other ideas out there so we're not sure yet...

Here's some inspiration shots I've come across.  We could do something simple like this...

Pinned Image

I like the idea of some family members wedding pictures in them too (found here...)

Pinned Image

Or maybe we could use them for table numbers like these...

Or maybe one flower floating in it?  (found on pinterest, but can't find the source)...

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We have various sizes, so maybe something more like this...

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Some of the jars date back to the 30s, Darryl came across a lid that said 1910.   We love old things so this was a cool find for us. 

The trouble is when you start to come across too many ideas that you like and can no longer narrow them down.  That's where I'm at not.  I have to stop searching pinterest!

Any other ideas or fun things you've come across lately on how to use mason jars as centerpieces??

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