Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Can You Even Stand It?

Haha cheesy title.  Couldn't help it.  On my weekend trip to VV I first saw a great 6 foot dresser that I thought about converting to a buffet - it had 9 fabulous drawers to make up for the lack of storage we have in this house, it had great little legs and some interesting detail...it also had a great bow in its center which caused the center drawers to jam.

I walked away from it and went down another aisle and passed by 2 matching nightstands.  We have gone 2.7 years without nightstands by our bed which is highly inconvenient.  Then I noticed that they were the matching set to the buffet I had turned down.  At $8 a piece I decided to call Darryl and have him come down and see if he liked them too.  While I was waiting for him I had to ward off a drooling mother-daughter team that were eyeing the big buffet and then came by and saw the matching tables I was trying to hide (I had it pulled to the side with my purse on top, clearly claiming them and they still went in for the grabskie!)  I kindly explained I was just waiting for my bf to help me take them home and they begrudgingly walked away.  Phew. 

So, with that...here they are...

Yes, that is the leg of a stuffed bear in our bed

We have touched absolutely not even one square inch of this room since we moved in. Like not even painted it yet. Actually that's not entirely true, last week we did a minor tweek that had major practical payoff that I have to put up here too once I get some pictures.

And yes, that is a club of some sort behind the pillow on Darryl's side of the bed to ward off any potential crazies.  You've got one too...right?

The plan is obviously to paint them, but as of right now we have no idea where we want to go with our bedroom so I don't imagine I'll be getting to them anytime soon.  I'd love to give them a pop of colour instead of playing it safe with just white or something.  Maybe add some pattern with wallpaper over the face of the drawers - the possibilities are endless!  But I love that they have 2 great drawers to fill with the random junk that makes it's way into our bedroom, and I love their pretty little legs.  We may even keep the hardware, I've never seen something like them before so we'll see (maybe give them a coat of paint to bring them up to date).  For now I'm just enjoying not having to reach down to the floor to turn my alarm off every morning.

Nice legs!

Are your nightstands something that you transformed or were they bought new?  Any ideas/thoughts on how to refinish them?  What colours are you loving for master bedrooms lately?

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