Friday, 3 August 2012

Boas, Burlesque and Belly Laughs...Oh My!

Last weekend was my Bachelorette party and I had such a great time.  Our day started at 3pm with a Burlesque dance lesson.  I love to try to pretend to be a dancer, I love to take classes of all sorts and to try to learn coreography.  I watch So You Think You Can Dance and imagine that if I had tried harder as a kid I could have been some amazing dancer by now hahaha.  I'll keep dreaming... 

So as you can imagine I was thrilled to try the Burlesque class.  Our instructor was voluptuous, wearing hot pink eyelash extensions, a huge boa and cone-shaped Madonna boobs.  It was great.  She taught us some moves and then the steps to a little routine to "Hey Big Spender" and then we had to have a Burlesque-off in two groups.  All the girls picked up boas at the dollar-store but as part of my gift I received a much larger, heavier boa which was super fun.

This was before we got started, we're just getting suited up with our boas

This move cracked me up - right when she sings "Hey Big Spender" we had to boa-whip the floor hahah

After the class...what a great time!

Afterwards, we headed to my future sister-in-law's house for a potluck and some beverages.

Just before leaving we grabbed a shot of the bridesmaids (the one on the far left lives in BC and won't be here until the wedding, so the girls made sure she'd be there in spirit, printing off her head and attaching a stick and a boa so that we could bring her out with us!)

Next we went to YukYuks which was such a great time, we laughed so hard!  My cheeks were hurting by the time we left.

Then of course we had to end the night with some dancing (boa included)

The next morning I was definitely not smiling like this, but it was such a fun fun fun time that it was well worth it!

I hope you all enjoy your weekend...anything fun planned!? 


  1. Looks like so much fun lady! Before I got pregnant I was taking burlesque classes downtown for fun with one of my friends! It was a great way to be active and do something new! I loved it. Glad you had a great time!

    Not sure if I missed a post - but when if your big day?

  2. Oh my gosh that would be so much fun to take regular classes! Sorry Kerry, I replied through comment last time, the big day is Sept 1st! :)