Monday, 6 August 2012


I hope all the Canadians out there are enjoying this long weekend!

With our wedding less than 4 weeks away on September 1st, I've got all the details on the brain.  One thing I've been struggling with for a while now is what to do for the centerpieces. The problem is that I have too much inspiration - oh pinterest, you've confused me!  I'm having so much trouble trying to narrow it down now.  So let's take a look at some of the images I'm liking.

These silver flower pots are a-dor-able...

vintage silver-plated tea pots wedding centerpieces

I took a stroll around Value Village to see what they might have on hand and saw 12 silver cups...


And some other little containers...

While I was wandering around I came across a section of yellow glass - since our colours are grey and yellow I thought they could be neat.  Unfortunately they didn't have enough, but I'll keep my an eye open at other stores too...


I also love the look of vintage book centerpieces...

                                   FI I met at photo 1813459-2

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 I really like the ambiance these doily lanterns give off, and they could be a fun DIY...

I also think these lemon centerpieces are so sweet, the perfect colour and would probably make the room smell pretty nice!  But Darryl finds the sliced open lemons creepy.  It's one of his quirks.  He says it reminds him of the center of a sunflower, which we can all agree is uber creepy, right?  So I didn't push the lemon idea (although I have to say, the first thing that comes to mind when I look at them is a bicycle wheel and he loves bikes, soooo... lol) So I guess no lemons for us, but we can still look...

So pretty, right?

Whichever way we end up going, I would prefer for them to have a bit of a hand-made touch and also to be a bit unique as opposed to the traditional flowers in a vase centerpiece.

UPDATE since I drafted this: I think I've narrowed it down to one of these options... guesses??

Have you seen any unique centerpieces at a wedding or online somewhere?


  1. Ooooh I love ALL of these ideas!

    I have a friend getting married this coming Saturday, and at her bridal shower they had the lemons in the flowers too... but if you don't do something to counteract the acidity of the lemons... it will kill your flowers. The bridesmaids discovered that halfway through the shower hahaha.

    So excited for all of the photos! You guys wasted no time planning! :)

  2. Kerry I was worried about the same thing! My sister and I googled it because I thought they would kill the lemons too, but I read that it helps to keep flowers alive longer! Like what!? lol It said that most fertilizers are acid-based so the lemons are good...I guess I'll have to do a trial and test it out!

  3. I feel like I would manage to set the doily lantern on fire, so if you decide to go with that, I will be extremely well-behaved. :)